Alumni Spotlight: Peter Mulvihill ’78

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Peter Mulvihill ’78 graduated from WPI with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He moved around the country during his professional career and now lives in Carson City, Nevada, where he works for the Department of Public Safety. Throughout his travels and experiences, his dedication to Theta Chi never diminished. He is a past undergraduate vice president of Epsilon Chapter and currently serves as the Chapter Advisor for Beta Phi Chapter at the University of Nevada – Reno (UNR). His relationship with Beta Phi started at their colonization ceremony in October 2012. The chapter recently reinstalled on May 18, 2014 after a 43-year absence. During Theta Chi Fraternity’s 158th Anniversary Convention and 36th School of Fraternity Practices on July 18, 2014, Beta Phi Chapter received the inaugural David L. Westol Sacred Purpose Award. This award is presented to the chapter that most exemplifies the spirit of Theta Chi’s Sacred Purpose Movement. Notably, the chapter conducted all of its award-winning activities as a colony. Mulvihill received the Silver Legion Certificate at the Convention Alumni Luncheon on July 19. The Silver Legion recognizes brothers who celebrate 25 or more years of membership in Theta Chi. He also received the David E. Devol Award directly from the award’s namesake. This award recognizes volunteers at the local, regional or international level for exemplary volunteer service to Theta Chi Fraternity. Throughout Mulvihill’s 39 years as a member of Theta Chi, he has been an exemplary brother and well-deserves this recognition.

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