Epsilon Brothers Working to Help Reinstate Zeta Chapter

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Brothers Joe Pilsbury ’99, Bill Lucas ’99, Matt Lesonsky ’16, and Adam Macsata ’16 are helping to reinstate the Zeta Chapter of Theta Chi on the University of New Hampshire Campus. After an unfortunate loss or recognition in the early 1990s the Zeta chapter of theta Chi has existed as an unrecognized group on the university of New Hampshire campus under the name Zeta Chi Beta. After two decades a group of students at the university has decided to bring the organization back into full recognition by the University and National Chapter of Theta Chi. During the 2013-2014 academic year this group of students has been able to achieve colony status.

The four brothers from epsilon chapter have been involved by offering guidance to the chapter and serving on the Colony advisory board as these men move towards full reinstatement. Joe became interested in helping the colony after receiving a message from the national chapter asking for local alumni to help with getting the Zeta chapter back to an installed Status. After asking fellow classmate Bill Lucas if he would like to join they were able to get the help of two active brothers Matt Lesonsky and Adam Macsata. Joe and Bill have since been able to attend meetings at both the Zeta Colony and Epsilon chapter to get reacquainted with Fraternity life.

We are very interested in helping this historic ‘single letter’ chapter get back up and running.” Says Pilsbury as he and Lucas attended the Colonization ceremony in March of 2014 and were joined by alumni from Alpha Chapter (university of Norwich) and Gamma Chapter (University of Maine). The Zeta chapter currently stands at 25 members and will need to reach 45 before being formally organized into a chapter. The colony appears to be strong at recruiting and should not have issues pulling in 20 more members.

A great thanks to these brothers for extending the helping hand and demonstrating commitment through action. Best of luck to these brothers and the men of the Zeta chapter.

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