Dear Parents,

Congratulations to your son for deciding to join SAE. It is an accomplishment in and of itself to enter into this fraternal bond as over 300,000 men have. Your son’s acceptance, however, is only the beginning of what promises to be a lifetime of great memories and experiences.

Over the course of the next few years, your son will embark on a journey unlike any he has ever experienced before. During his new member period, he will learn the rich national history of SAE including our local chapter’s history. He will also learn about being your Brother’s Keeper, living life as a True Gentleman, and the ideals our fraternity was founded upon. Many of the activities he will take part in will be completely new in nature. We encourage our parents to always encourage their sons to approach everything with an open mind and be willing to put forth their best effort at all times. What they get out of this program is entirely dependent upon the effort that they put forth.

I am excited for what this semester holds and what each young man will bring to this group. As your son’s New Member Educator, I am here to support you and him and help you both through any problems you may encounter within or outside of the fraternity. Please do not hesitate to come to me with anything that may be troubling you no matter how small it may seem.

Again, welcome to the fraternity. We are all very excited to have your son join us!