Beta Xi-University of Wisconsin-Madison

Secretary: Daniel Friedman (

Public Relations: Ethan Schnoll and Sawyer Bock (


Ethan (left) and Sawyer (right) are in charge of running the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These two keep the social media outlets updated with events, current news and other useful information. These forms of media allow us to connect with fraternities, sororities and other organizations across campus. Austin and Lucas also present flowers to each sorority on their founders day.

Along with running our social media, these guys provide educational seminars to help brothers update their linkedin accounts and make sure the brothers are being smart on their social media accounts!

Webmaster: John Mazza and Tom Linden(


John (right) and Tom (left) are the guys who put the website together with chapter events, officers and contact information. It is their responsibility to keep the website updated so anyone can stay informed and in contact with our chapter.

Historian: Zach Maassen ( 

Zach is in charge of putting together the fraternity’s composite. Each brother is required to wear a bow tie and sport coat for the picture. This picture emphasizes the necessity to dress formally and the proper ways to do so.