Beta Xi-University of Wisconsin-Madison

A message from External Vice President Jason Aoki

Hello! I’m Jeremy, and I am honored and excited to serve as the External Vice President for 2015. I have been a PIKE my entire college career, and in the past have served as our chapter’s Campus Involvement Chair as well as the Recruitment Chairman for the 2014 calendar year. I am a junior studying Finance, Investment, and Banking, as well as economics. Outside of Pi Kappa Alpha, I also serve as the Vice President of Recruitment for the UW-Madison Interfraternity Council.
I believe our chapter has finally reached a critical mass of young, inspired members, and I eagerly await the things we will accomplish this coming year. Never before has our chapter exhibited such enthusiasm, and I am confident that this will manifest itself in yet another excellent year for Pike here at UW.
We are aiming to increase our exposure in the community. We have set a goal of 2000 totals hours of service this semester, which comes down to around 20 hours per active member. In the past, such goals have been nearly exceeded, and this may finally be the time we get over that hump. As in every recent Spring, we will hold our Pike Spike Volleyball tournament. Last year, the proceeds benefitted the Madison-area Ronald McDonald House, and we are excited to begin a partnership with another local charity this semester. At the same time, our campus involvement chairs will be busy planning Greek Week—we are two-time defending champions, and hope to defend this title in April.
In the athletic realm, I am excited for another good semester—last semester saw us win two intramural titles. Be on the lookout for the return of the Pike Ice Hockey team, which won a championship the last time a team was fielded. And as always, you can be sure to find our members exhibiting that athletic drive to succeed all over campus—from the library and the classroom to the field. Off campus, we are looking to visit another Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter in our region, especially for a Badger hoops game! And of course, as a social Fraternity, we will be holding numerous social events with sorority chapters on campus. Our social capital continues to grow, and we look forward to between three and five socials this semester.
It is truly an exciting time for our Chapter. I am humbled to be in charge of such dynamism and energy this year, and look forward to all of our sweet successes! I can be reached anytime
at or at (303) 638-7287.


Campus Involvement: Austin Moore and Kyle Carbone ( Carbone Campus Involement

Austin (left) and Kyle(right) ensure Pike is actively involved in the Madison community. Our chapter reaches out and participates in campus fundraisers, philanthropies and hold positions in other campus groups.

Our brothers participate in fundraisers such as bake sales, cookouts, and 5K races with Greek Week and Homecoming Week being the most popular. Some of the events that take place during these weeks are parades, Greek Olympics, and an Air Band concert. Whatever the event may be, we show up full of enthusiasm and represent our fraternity in a positive manner!

Athletics: Andy Frank (

 Being a part of Pike makes one a part of an athletic tradition, which has only gotten stronger in recent years. Pike routinely earns championships in intramural and philanthropy competitions. In addition to campus success, Pike has brothers who have qualified for the Boston Marathon, competed in an IRONMAN and play an essential role on the UW Lacrosse team.

Off the field, we are happy to have a brother serve as the head student manager of the UW Men’s Basketball team, a brother who interns with ESPN Madison, a few brothers who serve as sports broadcasters at the student radio and a brother who writes for the Wisconsin hockey team.

Community Service: Jonah Blocker and Alex McLaughlin (


Jonah (left) and Alex (right) provide our chapter with weekly opportunities to give back to the community. Each brother is expected to complete at minimum 20 hours of community service each semester, with many happily completing more. Some of the organizations we work with include: Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics of Dane County and Wisconsin Public Television.

We are always looking for new ways to give back to the community. If your organization has service opportunities, please don’t hesitate to email Jason or Jeff!

Inter-chapter relations: Colin Kraut and Keoni Ogawa ( Ogawa Interchapter Relations

Colin (right) and Keoni (left) are in charge of connecting our chapter with other Pike chapters across the country. We have played host to chapters from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, University of Iowa along with the brothers of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Omaha chapters. We have had brothers travel down to the University of Illinois and the University of Iowa for football games along with Northwestern University.

If your chapter is interested in visiting the University of Wisconsin, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Philanthropy: Aidan Leaser and Matt Blanch (


Aidan (left) and Matt (right) are in charge of putting together Pikes philanthropy event each semester. In the fall semester, we host Pike CYC, where people cycle in remembrance of Taylor Trudeau (Gamma Mu, New Hampshire) who passed away after a yearlong battle with Leukemia in August 2008. 100% of all proceeds go to researching a cure for all blood cancers.

In the spring we hold PIKE Spike, a university wide volleyball tournament. This event brings our love for athletics together with our passion to give back. Each year we decide on a charity to support through our tournament. Through these events, Pi Kappa Alpha is committed to charitable giving.