Beta Xi-University of Wisconsin-Madison

A message from Internal Vice President Connor Cain


Hey, I’m Connor Cain and I am extremely excited for the opportunity to be the Internal Vice President of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity for the upcoming year. I am a sophomore studying Actuarial Science and Risk Management & Insurance. This will be my 3rd active semester in Pike, and so far I have served on the Risk Management and 10 Year Anniversary committees, as well as being the Alumni Relations chair. As Internal Vice President, I now am the head of the Internal Cabinet, which includes the positions of Scholarship, Brotherhood, Continuing Education, Parent Relations, and Alumni Relations. We have several exciting events planned for the upcoming semester; here is a rundown of what we have in store:

We are very excited to again be offering 3 scholarships to brothers and pledges this semester based on need and merit. In addition, we firmly stand by our motto of SLAG (Scholars Leaders Athletes and Gentlemen), and to represent the S we book study rooms every night of the week at College Library for brothers to study at.

Our brotherhood is what brings us all together and we have some great events planned to make that happen. We will be doing a bigger event, such as a ski trip or a Chicago Fire game, along with some outdoor grill outs at the House. In addition, we will be organizing some pickup hockey, basketball and football games every now and then. The Brotherhood chairs are always open to here new ideas and plan new events!

The Continuing Educator’s purpose is to increase our brothers’ awareness of the world around us, and teach how to better represent ourselves in a professional setting. This semester, we are planning events such as resume workshops and a presenter from Men’s Warehouse in addition to providing relevant, weekly news updates to the chapter.

Our big alumni event of the semester will coincide with International Work Day for the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. We are inviting our alumni in for the weekend and will have a cookout at the house to celebrate.

Our very first Dad’s Weekend this will take place in late February. We are planning a great event to show our fathers around Madison and have a fantastic dinner as well.

Overall, the Internal Cabinet and myself are very excited for the events we have planned for the upcoming semester and look forward to a great year!




Alumni Relations: Ellis Shanley and Matt Rosandich (


Ellis (left) and Matt (right) are in charge of developing and maintaining contact with Pike alumni. This constant contact provides brothers with employment opportunities, internships to strengthen their resumes and other networking experiences. Various alumni serve on an alumni board which is in contact with our executive board to make sure everything is running smoothly.

The alumni chairs also hold an alumni weekend each semester which allows for all alumni to meet the brothers and learn about the positive things the chapter is doing!

Parent Relations: Jack Lopez and Sean Campbell (


Jack (left) and Sean (right) keep parents informed about what we are doing and how we are helping their child prepare for the workforce and develop life skills. Parents receive newsletters discussing the community service events brothers are completing, academic excellence brothers are achieving and much more!

Sean and Kevin plan a parents weekend each semester which allows parents to meet the brothers and see the contributions the chapter is making throughout the campus. We will keep you informed as this semester’s parents weekend is approaching quickly!

Brotherhood: Luke Wangsness and Cole Kunsman (


With an 100 man chapter, it is important to provide brothers opportunities to hang out. Luke (left) and Cole (right) put together numerous events throughout the semester to give brothers time to hang. Some of these events include: cookouts, golfing, sailing, paintballing and watching sports.

These sober events are a great way for brothers to take a break from their hectic lives and promote brotherhood, social and moral development.

Scholarship: Tucker Tellefson (

Along with having a Top-5 GPA among fraternities at Wisconsin, our chapter holds a GPA above the average for males on campus. Some of our academic resources include study rooms (6 days a week), test banks and tutoring from older brothers.

In order to be participate in chapter activities, a brother must obtain at minimum a 2.5 GPA each semester. At the end of the semester, the brothers with the best GPA and the brother with the most improved GPA are recognized with awards. An academic scholarship is also given to a brother and a new member based on academic achievement.

Continuing Educator: Will Heider

 Will Heider Continuing Educator