Gamma Xi-Washington State University

The purpose of the Gamma Xi scholarship program is to ensure every chapter member is able to achieve the best possible GPA, while at a minimum fulfilling his scholastic requirements to remain in good standing with the chapter.  The Chapter delivered strong scholarship results for the Fall 2015 Semester with an overall average GPA of 2.90, and increased the overall average GPA to 2.95 during the Spring 2016 Semester.  Congratulations to Josh May, Kempton Snyder, Kyle Laubscher, Sean Grim and Derek Telin for delivering the top 5 GPAs for the Spring 2016 semester.

Top 5 GPA’s:  Spring 2016


Member GPA Year
Josh May 3.75 Senior
Kempton Snyder 3.67 Sophomore
Kyle Laubscher 3.62 Junior
Sean Grim 3.56 Senior
Derek Telin 3.48 Senior