Epsilon Psi-Western Michigan University

The title of, “Member,” within the Epsilon Psi chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha holds far more meaning than simply one who is associated with our fraternity.

  • It means success. The Epsilon Psi chapter of Pi Kappa alpha has a long tradition of not only being an extremely successful fraternity on campus, but has been recognized by our national fraternity as being one of the best chapters within the nation.
  • It means brotherhood. Epsilon Psi offers a close knit family, of like-minded – yet diverse – young men, who have worked together to better themselves and those around them, while also forming lasting bonds with those within their fraternity.
  • It means giving back. At Epsilon Psi, we’re focused on not only bettering ourselves and our fraternity, but also on bettering our surrounding community through philanthropy and community service, as a way to give back to the community which has housed us since 1946.

Becoming a member within the Epsilon Psi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha has had a lasting effect on many men over the last half-century, and has given them an experience of a lifetime. But the question is… who will follow their lead?


For information on Rushing the Epsilon Psi chapter, please contact Carlos Pinon, at (517) 277-6029