Epsilon Psi-Western Michigan University

Epsilon Psi prides themselves in upholding the “L” in SLAG, leaders.  Leadership is the key to both Pi Kappa Alpha’s success and the success of our individual members. The Fraternity provides a valuable arena for developing and honing leadership skills that will benefit the individual member throughout life. Pi Kappa Alpha provides leadership opportunities through executive positions within the chapter, as well as committee positions within in the chapter. In addition, Pi Kappa Alpha promotes leadership through campus involvement by involving its members in positions of leadership in other organizations. Our members are all active in other student organizations, often holding a chair position. The Epsilon Psi Chapter has members active in the Western Student Association, Campus Activities Board, Drive Safe Kalamazoo, as well as several honor societies. Many of these holding executive board positions.  On an international level, unique opportunities are offered in leadership training through Pike University events such as seven regional Leadership Summits, the Chapter Executives Conference, the Academy and the Convention.

The leadership skills gained as an undergraduate are applied in the business world post graduation. Many successful Pike alumni are scouting the undergraduate ranks for the next executive of their company. Most good jobs are found through networking- not through classified adds. Pi Kappa Alpha’s size and reputation serve as a tremendous resource for recent graduates in pursuit of that perfect job. We have countless Alumni from our chapter tell us stories about how Pike either taught them how to work, or how another Pike got them the job they’re working now. Pikes from Epsilon Psi tend to be very successful, often owning their own business or working in upper management.