Epsilon Psi-Western Michigan University

At the beginning of the 1961-62 School year Pi Kappa Lambda was a Local Fraternity here at Western Michigan University.  With hopes of affiliating with Pi Kappa Alpha National Fraternity.  The Pi Kappa Alpha Colony at Western Michigan University was officially founded on February 15, 1961.  In Fall of 1962 the colony purchased the first PIKE house at Western Michigan University, and soon after the two years of dedication and growth had paid off, the Pi Kappa Lambda local fraternity had been granted a National charter, and founded as the Epsilon Psi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha on April 27, 1963.  With 28 founding members, they were the largest fraternity on campus at this time.

In the Fall semester of 2012 expansion consultants for the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity came to the campus of Western Michigan University to establish a colony and reestablish the Epsilon Psi chapter, they recruited a class of gentlemen that portrayed the standards of Pi Kappa Alpha.  After two years of growth and expansion at Western Michigan University the The Epsilon Psi chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha had become on of the top fraternities on campus dominating in inter mural sports and active in philanthropic efforts and giving back to the community. On March 21, 2014 the Epsilon Psi Chapter at Western Michigan University was rechartered, and thus a brotherhood of a lifetime.

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