Epsilon Psi-Western Michigan University

Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, Gentleman (SLAG) is our pillars to success. These are the qualities Epsilon Psi looks for when recruiting men of Western Michigan University. When people think of an Athlete they think of someone who is good at sports, but we see it as someone who has an Athletic drive. Someone who is competitive in everything they do and strive to be the best. Athletes are such an important asset to have because we feed off our competitive attitudes and channel it to make strides towards success. This has allowed us to become one of the top chapters in the nation.

Epsilon Psi athletics has pushed the students of WMU to support our sports teams. Working hand and hand with the Western Michigan athletic department, we are able to have the support we need to bring our ideas to life. We have made it our personal goal to build the WMU fan base and get more students out to the sporting events on weekends. So far, we have been able to create a better atmosphere for students at games, giving students a reason to come out week after week and support our teams. Not only do we try and support our sports teams as much as we can but also like to compete in our schools intramural sports as well.  Over the Past four years we’ve been on campus we’ve been extremely active in different intramural sports including football, soccer and basketball; we have managed to win a total of 16 championships.  This gives us an opportunity to be competitive, stay active, and have fun playing organized sports again just like most of us did back in high school.

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