Delta Nu-Wayne State University

In November 1946, a local fraternity named Delta Nu was founded at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Donald Miller and John Penner were the original founders of the local fraternity. They invited eleven other men to form a group that could operate within the liberal concepts of American democracy and still maintain the ideals of service, brotherhood, and scholarship.

The name Delta Nu was chosen mainly because of local ties with the two other national fraternities that were active in the local community at the time, Delta Upsilon and Sigma Nu. The Delta Nu local fraternity was recognized by the university in the spring of 1947 and pledged its first group of five men the following year. Success on Wayne State’s campus immediately followed. Members of Delta Nu were representatives to the Student Council, various class boards, the Board of Governors Committee, etc. In 1948, Delta Nu was crowned inter-varsity football champion, while also being named runner-up on a Greek campus comprised of 21 fraternities.

Shortly thereafter, Delta Nu entertained thought of affiliating itself with a national fraternity. Its goal was to seek out a group whose ideals most closely coincided with its own. In 1949, the members of the Delta Nu fraternity chose Pi Kappa Alpha, believing that they would bring pride and honor to themselves, while also contributing to the noble name of Pi Kappa Alpha. The thirty founding members petitioned the Supreme Council for their charter on January 1st, 1950.

When a chapter is officially chartered by Pi Kappa Alpha, they are assigned their chapter name.  The name they are given is determined by their time of entry into the fraternity, using the Greek alphabet, starting at Alpha and using a second letter if needed. Delta Nu was lucky enough to have the opportunity to retain their local chapter’s letters, as they allowed the Delta Mu chapter at University of Southern Mississippi to be chartered before them.