Beta Beta-University of Washington

Taking up the entire back row

Consistent with the values of the University of Washington, the Beta Beta chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity strives for excellence in all fields of academia. As a fixture at the university, we are focused on maximizing the educational opportunities and resources of our members. To become initiated into the fraternity, our new members must maintain a cumulative 3.0 grade average during their introductory quarter. One of our missions is to consistently rank among the highest percentile of grade point average not only within the Greek community, but also throughout the entire university. To fulfill this goal, we build on the values that were fortified back when the fraternity was created and continue to maintain flexibility when changing circumstances and challenges arise.

One of the many resources that are available to our members is a comprehensive and rapidly growing database of previous test and assignments. When classes do not offer publicly assessable files, these “test files” serve as an invaluable source to aid students preparing for future midterms/finals. The test files are organized with a cloud system online; making for an efficient system that is extensive yet environmentally friendly. Every member has access to this exclusive database at any time.

Networking is an essential feature among all Greek houses. Pi Kappa Alpha is one of the largest fraternities nationwide, boasting over 250,000 lifetime members. One of the many benefits of this network is the ability to communicate with past alumni. Within our fraternity, we offer a mentorship program that pairs current university students with alumni of similar fields. Our alumni are prominent leaders in todays workforce, ranging from fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Boeing, and Microsoft. Many of the advantages of networking come in forms of summer jobs, recommendations, and internships. Connections established through the fraternity provide many opportunities for future careers. These connections are limited outside of the fraternity life for our vast system of networking is unapparent anywhere else