Beta Beta-University of Washington


UW Dance Marathon For Children's Hospital

The men of Pi Kappa Alpha engage multiple philanthropies giving back to the community in as many aspects as possible. Participating in a wide range of philanthropies, including the largest philanthropy event on campus Delta Gamma’s Anchorsplash, we’ve raised over $5000 and 10,000 community service hours several years in a row qualifying us for the Smythe Award.

Within the Beta Beta chapter, Pikes Peak is our largest philanthropy. It is a 5-day event, where various sororities participate in numerous competitions including a baking contest, a choreographed dance contest, a toy drive and a Lego castle building contest to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Included in one of these days, is a chance for the participants to go down to Children’s Hospital and volunteer their time to earn approximately 5 hours of community service. At Seattle Children’s Hospital, students spend one on one time with patients, relatives of patients, and helping the hospital in any way possible that benefits the work they are carrying out.

In addition to Pikes Peak, we hold a smaller philanthropy where sororities engage in a friendly volleyball tournament. Just like Pikes Peak, the proceeds that are generated from signing up for the tournament goes to Seattle Children’s. Last year 14 sororities participated and generated over $2500 over a period of 3 days.

This coming year we are on bringing back the traditions of a Pike Dream Girl. To be elected Dream Girl, each sorority selects a member to represent their house who competes in events to fundraise for the benefit of Seattle Children’s Hospital. This is a special event, because the work goes towards a great cause and the delegate of the victorious sorority will be admitted into the Pi Kappa Alpha family. As a special member of the Fraternity, the winner will learn some of the Pike secrets, and be the ultimate female representative for our international association.


Pi Phi Arrow Games 2012