Epsilon-Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University


The Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl is a young lady who lives by the same high ideals by which our brotherhood lives. She is usually someone who is close friends with the men of Pi Kappa Alpha, but most importantly represents what PIKE is about. The pictures below show the select few women who the men of Pi Kappa Alpha Epsilon Chapter have determined represent PIKE in the highest regard.

Taylor Lavery

Taylor Lavery is from Richmond, Virginia and became a Dreamgirl in fall 2011. She is a member of Alpha Phi sorority, a Varsity cheerleader, and Secretary of the Pre-Physician Assistant Club. After graduation she plans on attending graduate school to become a Physician Assistant. Taylor enjoys spending time with friends and family fishing and relaxing at her house on the Chesapeake Bay.

“My father was President of Pi Kappa Alpha, my brother was Vice President and my mother was regional Dreamgirl. I am honored to keep the legacy strong in my family. Every moment with Pike is my favorite and I am blessed to share my college experience with these first-class gentlemen.”


Lizzie Basalyga

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Basalyga is a senior in Delta Delta Delta sorority and became a Dreamgirl in the spring of 2012. Lizzie is from Fairfax, Virginia and is an International Studies major with a minor in Spanish, and plans to join the Peace Corp after graduation. Her hobbies include laughing, hanging out with friends, spending time at the beach, reading, and running. On campus Lizzie is a member of the Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Honor Fraternity, Student Commission on Advisory, Homecoming Board, and is a FLEX (Freshman Leadership Experience) Mentor.

“I have had so many amazing experiences with PIKE that choosing a single memory is really difficult! The brothers of Pike are truly the best men I know. The nights we have stayed up singing, dancing, and laughing together in the great room are times I will never forget. Dreamgirl Initiation would have to be my favorite memory, I felt so honored to be chosen to be a part of the greatest brotherhood on campus. There is never a dull moment with the men of Pike!”


                Hannah West

Hannah West is a senior from Pittsburgh, PA and is an HNFE major studying to become a Physician Assistant. Within her sorority Zeta Tau Alpha, Hannah holds the position of Director of Internal Philanthropy. She is also the Outreach and Marketing Chair for the Pre-Physician Assistant Club, as well as a member of the Honors College and Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society. Hannah’s favorite things are skiing, sailing, running, painting, and hangin with her golden retriever Piper…and also eating chocolate.

I can’t imagine my time at VT without PIKE – pretty much all of my best college memories have involved them. To name a few…late-night 80’s-Pandora singalongs at the house, spring breaks, being surprised and elated at Dreamgirl rev (even though I hadn’t showered for 2 days and was the first to fall asleep), and tracking down 200 santa hats from all over Virginia for Christmas date party. PIKE is great bunch of guys who definitely know how to have a good time, but are also down to earth, ambitious, and supportive. It’s hard not to have fun with these men, and it’s an honor to be associated with them!



                                                                                                                             Sophie Eckl

Sophie Eckl is a senior from Sterling, VA and is a Human Development major. She became a Dreamgirl during spring of 2013 and is the Volunteer Coordinator of her sorority Alpha Phi. After graduation, Sophie plans on going to graduate school and becoming an elementary school teacher.  

“Every moment with PIKE is the best- from formals every semester to late-nights at the house. My favorite memory by far was the night I got Dreamgirl. These guys are truly the best and I am so honored to be able to represent the best fraternity here at VT.”



          Claire Hunnicutt

Claire Hunnicutt was born September 9, 1993 and is from Hampton, VA. She is a junior HNFE major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and hopes to one day become a Physician’s Assistant and work in California. She became a Dreamgirl in Spring 2013 and is a member of the Kappa Delta Sorority. Claire is also a member of the Pre-Physician’s Assistant club here at Virginia Tech.

“Hanging out with Pike for the past year of college has already made Virginia Tech the best experience of my life. My best memory was going to ROARmals in Myrtle Beach for the first time last spring, and getting to know all of the brothers while having an awesome time at the beach! From WNTs to late nighting at the Pike house, I have had some of the best times of my life in the past two semesters, and I can’t wait for the next two years of college to make more great memories with the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha. I’m looking forward to having an even better time at ROARmals this spring!!”


                                         Hannah Sundman

Hannah Sundman is a junior from Chatham, NJ and is a Finance major studying to become a Certified Financial Planner. She became a Dreamgirl in the fall of 2013 and is the Vice President of Programming of her sorority, Delta Gamma.

œI always have the time of my life when I am with the brothers of PIKE from WNTs, to formals in Myrtle Beach, to singing American Pie at the top of our lungs, you can always count on a great time! One of my favorite memories by far was definitely the night of Dreamgirl rev. It’s hard to imagine being at VT without these men, and I cant wait for the memories to come!!


            Britta Nally

Britta Nally is a junior in Kappa Delta and became a Dreamgirl in fall 2013. She is from Williamsburg VA and studies industrial engineering with a minor in business. She ultimately plans to travel the world. She loves any activity involving water, especially wakeboarding and lying on the beach.

œI don’t know what I would do without these guys. They are the most genuine, caring, thoughtful guys I know. They are the first people I would call if I were in trouble but also the first people I would call for a fun time. Every time since freshman year that I’ve been to PIKE events and parties I’ve had the time of my life. I wouldn’t rather represent any other group of guys or fraternity!


                                               Rachael Zabkar

Rachael Zabkar is a sophomore from Ashburn, Va and became a Dreamgirl in the Fall of 2013. She is in Delta Delta Delta sorority and holds the position of Vice President of Membership. Rachael is studying Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Management and hopes to live in Paris or New York one day working in the fashion industry. She also enjoys hanging with friends, outdoor activities such as running and hiking, and anything involving the beach.

 Being so close to such a great fraternity and group of guys has truly made for the best time in college. These guys are not only my best friends but I know I could count on them for anything. I always have the time of my life anytime Im at PIKE or hanging out with any of the guys. From spring break, to formal, to WNT’s and the best night of my life which was Dreamgirl reveal, I know Ive already made some amazing memories. I can’t wait for many more memories with the brothers of PIKE throughout my college years and I couldn’t be more honored to represent such an awesome, supportive and honorable group of 

                  Erin Gouge

Erin Gouge is a junior in Alpha Phi sorority and became a Dreamgirl in the fall of 2013. Erin is from Hockessin, Delaware and is an Industrial and Systems Engineering major. She is involved in IIE (Institute of International Education) and plays Women Club Soccer here at Virginia Tech. Her hobbies include playing soccer, hanging out, running, playing with her cats, PIKE formals, and PIKE date parties. When Erin graduates, she plans on working with Nestl© in their factories.

I cannot say I have one favorite memory but a lifetime of memories that complete my college career. One memory that I will always remember with PIKE would be my freshman year formals, when I realized I fell in love with every single member of this chapter. The car ride down to formals freshmen year was a tough one for me not knowing anyone. It is easy to say on the way back to Virginia Tech the car ride was a much different experience. Yes formals are a blast but simply WNTs can make my week. These boys are not only my best friends, they are my brothers and I will always be able to count on them.


                                                                                 Carleigh Walters

Carleigh Walters is from Richmond, Va and is studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a Business minor. She became a Dreamgirl in the Spring of 2014 and is also a member of Zeta tau Alpha. Within Zeta, she is the Director of Activities now and has previously served on Executive Council. She also holds a position on the Panhellenic Standards Board. Carleigh enjoys being anywhere by the water, going to concerts, and spending time with family and friends.

 “From my first month at Virginia Tech, some of the first (and best) guys I met were the brothers of Pike. As a junior now, I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to become friends with so many of them and I can truly say they have changed my college experience for the better. There is never a dull moment when I am around these guys and they are always looking out for me. They are by far the best guys on campus and I am so honored to represent them”

                       Madisen McDade

Madisen McDade is a Senior from Fairfax Station, VA and became a Dreamgirl in the Spring of 2014. She is in Alpha Phi Sorority and studies Business Information Technology, specializing in Operations and Supply Chain Management. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, boating, summers in Ocean City, MD and going to football games!

I can’t imagine my experience at Virginia tech without the brothers of Pike. My favorite memories have been with them, and I know I can always count on them for the best time. But I also have made best friends that I can count on no matter what. I am so honored to represent the most genuine, ambitious and kind gentlemen I know.