Epsilon Epsilon-University of Toledo

Why Me? Why Now? Why Pi Kappa Alpha?

Founding Success: The Legacy of Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha?s history is rich in tradition. Founded in 1868 by six men at the University of Virginia, Pi Kappa Alpha was among the United States? first social college fraternities.

Over the years, the Fraternity has grown to over 200 chapters throughout the United States and Canada, boasting over 215,000 initiated members.

The shared experience of Pike membership still causes individuals to make the most of their college experience. These individuals, as well as the long history of Pi Kappa Alpha, are testaments to the Fraternity?s exclusive and consistent superiority in fraternal programming, scholarship, membership and leadership.

Perhaps the best opportunity that Pi Kappa Alpha provides is the ability to cultivate a socially superior man. Pi Kappa Alpha challenges its members to be the pillars of integrity and beacons of insight on their college campuses and within their communities.

By being members of the Greek community, Pikes experience what it means to be involved and responsible individuals who promote community services, active campus involvement, and high standards of academic achievement.

BOTTOM LINE: Pi Kappa Alpha enhances the collegiate experience while providing a lifetime of opportunity and reward. Its legacy demands nothing less than excellence.


The Challenge of a Lifetime

Pi Kappa Alpha consists of Scholars, Leaders, Athletes and Gentlemen. If you exemplify one or several of these ideals, you could be just the type of person that Pi Kappa Alpha is looking for.

Pi Kappa Alpha is continuously working hard to find men who want to be champions, men who are dedicated to a common vision. Perhaps you are looking for ways to enhance your college experience. Perhaps you are looking for ways to get involved. Only you can judge what you want out of a fraternity. You?ll find out here what Pi Kappa Alpha has to offer, and what Pike membership expects. You?ll know the facts.