Delta Chi-University of Nebraska-Omaha

Established in 1952, the Delta Chi Chapter has grown into a role of dominance at the University Nebraska-Omaha’s Greek System.  The Delta Chi chapter is committed to forming a lasting brotherhood that will achieve professional, academic, and social success.

This chapter has consistently shown their merit by winning three Smythe Awards in a four year span, the highest honor any chapter in the Pi Kappa Alpha can receive.  The Delta Chi Chapter also won the 2010-11 Orians Excellence Chapter Award, 2010-11 Scholarship Plate, and the 2010-11 Division I Recruitment Award.  Other awards include: numerous Sports Cups, Grades Cups, and Greek Week and Homecoming Spirit Cups.

The men of the Delta Chi chapter consistently form a strong presence on campus as well.  With active members holding numerous student government positions, and a long history of student body presidents, the men of the Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Chi Chapter are helping shape the University of Nebraska-Omaha.