Iota Gamma-University of Nebraska At Kearney

Will my son’s fraternity experience be like the movies “œAnimal House” and “œBeta House”?

Unfortunately, movies such as “Animal House” and “Beta House” have given fraternities a bad name as irresponsible, reckless, and foolish. These movies in no way resemble the reality of our fraternity. Members of Iota Gamma are part of a value-based organization and they commit themselves to their growth as individuals through academic achievement, leadership experiences, diversified networks and community involvement. Pikes believe there is no better compliment to a college education than philanthropic participation in the community.

Is there hazing and what is ritual?

Pi Kappa Alpha recognizes the danger hazing poses for individuals and the detrimental effect hazing inherently has on organizations. Undergraduate delegates to numerous International Conventions have repeatedly adopted legislation denouncing hazing. Pi Kappa Alpha has developed a new member education program completely void of hazing and requires that each chapter reads and distributes the Chapter Statement on Position on Hazing to each new member. The Fraternity mandates an eight week new member education program that educates new members on their fraternal responsibilities as active members and prepares each man with the tools to immediately contribute to the success of the chapter.

The word œritual is often associated with sacrificial scenes from movies, when in fact it is nothing more than a confirmation of our beliefs in the presence of our brothers. The Ritual of Pi Kappa Alpha is a member’s only event where the values and ideals of our fraternity are explained and new members commit themselves to these values and ideals for life.

I don’t want my son’s grades to hurt; will the time he invests in the Fraternity hinder his achievement?

One of the biggest adjustments a new collegiate has to make is getting used to the time management and personal accountability required to be successful academically. Academics are emphasized from day one at Pi Kappa Alpha. Study hours, tutoring and brother mentoring are all encouraged activities in the new member education program. A commitment to scholastic excellence carries on well beyond initiation. Iota Gamma offers financial incentives for outstanding scholastic performance and brothers in the same major can offer advice on the best path to graduation. Additionally, studies show that Fraternity membership increases retention by 28% and that 70% of greek members graduate compared to only 50% of non-greek students.

What do you get out of Pike?

As the saying goes, œyou get out of Pike, what you put in. What you get out of Pike depends on you. As a chapter, brothers work together to help each other advance academically, socially, and in career paths. Pike can help build your resume, make networking connections for jobs, internships, and more, and memories that will last a lifetime.

How will the Fraternity help my son after graduation?

There are over 129,000 living Pi Kappa Alpha alumni. While membership in the Fraternity cannot guarantee a member a job after graduation, a network of such magnitude will definitely open some doors along the way. Some notable prominent Pikes include Tim McGraw, Bobby Bowden, Stephen Covey and Ted Koppel. Click here for a list of “˜Prominent Pikes”.

On top of the alumni network, members of Pi Kappa Alpha also receive valuable life lessons and leadership training through their experiences within the Fraternity. There are numerous leadership roles available in the chapter as well as activities including, community service projects, philanthropies and social events that will help your son develop the necessary leadership and social skills to be successful after graduation.

Will it cost a lot of money?

While we do not like to discuss our finances publicly, Pi Kappa Alpha’s fees are in line with most fraternities across the country. We provide brothers with multiple paths of paying their dues off every year, including one installment or multiple installments spread out across each semester.  There are also scholarships awarded to selected brothers who show they deserve it. Iota Gamma is supported by the dues of our members, and we set dues as low as they can be while sustaining our chapter.

Who’s in charge of the Fraternity?

Pi Kappa Alpha chapters are governed by the undergraduate members. However, the chapters each have an alumni advisor who stands by to guide chapters along the way and keep an eye on their activities. The National Fraternity offers advice, guidance and programming through a paid staff that makes yearly visits to all their chapters.

How does my son go about joining a Fraternity and which is the best for him?

Many campuses organize a recruitment process for students to learn about the fraternities on their campus. Chapters of Pi Kappa Alpha are always open to meeting new members and are happy to speak with anyone interested in Greek Life. Remember, that just like a search for college, your son must find a fraternity that suites his personality and needs. Every group has different strengths and weaknesses, do not be afraid to ask questions about chapters to find the right one.

What is rushing?

Rushing is the period prior to pledging when brothers meet and get to know potential new pledges. Events are held on campus and off-campus. The Recruitment Chairmen organizes these events and makes the final decision on who will be allowed to become pledges and possible brothers in Pike. At UNK, our primary rush takes place during the summer. However, we are always looking for potential candidates to pledge.

What is a bid?

Bids are invitations to pledge Pike and is given to those individuals that the brothers and Recruitment Chairmen believe have what it takes to pledge and become brothers.

What is the pledging process like?

The pledging process lasts a semester and involves a high level of commitment, but provides pledges with time to study for exams, do homework, and maintain a social life outside of Pike. We require all pledges to hold a minimum GPA and follow the guidelines and rules we layout at the beginning of the process. Everything that happens during pledging remains within Pike and has a meaning that will turn pledges from boys to men.

What is my role as a parent?

We encourage all of our parents to be as involved as possible and ask a lot of questions. This will likely be a growing experience for you and your son. We try to provide as much information as possible on our site. There is also additional information provided on our international website here. Also, do not hesitate to contact our chapter president or recruitment chairman with any questions or concerns you have. You can find their contact information here.