Iota Gamma-University of Nebraska At Kearney


Your #1 priority at college is to excel in academics. In todays competitive world, differentiating yourself from other college students is very important. Academic excellence is the key to success in the future and can put your head and shoulders above your competition. From day one, Pi Kappa Alpha provides the resources and support that will make your time in college as successful as it can be.

Here at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Pi Kappa Alpha offers its members incentives and benefits for maintaining high levels of scholastic aptitude through our very generous scholarship funds that are provided by our scholarship program. As you will learn, the scholarship program has developed far beyond what other groups or fraternities could possibly offer. It gives great opportunities for all chapter members to be rewarded for maintaining excellence both in and out of the classroom.

“Achievement with Integrity”

-Pi Kappa Alpha


Leadership is the key to both Pi Kappa Alphas success and the success of our individual members. The Fraternity provides a valuable arena for developing and honing leadership skills that will benefit the individual member throughout life. Pi Kappa Alpha provides leadership opportunities through executive positions within the chapter, as well as committee positions within in the chapter and within the Interfraternity Council. In addition, Pi Kappa Alpha promotes leadership through campus involvement by involving its members in positions of leadership in other organizations. On an international level, unique opportunities are offered in leadership training through Pike University events such as seven regional Leadership Summits, the Chapter Executives Conference, the Academy and the Convention.

The leadership skills gained as an undergraduate are applied in the business world post graduation. Many successful Pike alumni are scouting the undergraduate ranks for the next executive of their company. Most good jobs are found through networking- not through classified adds. Pi Kappa Alphas size and reputation serve as a tremendous resource for recent graduates in pursuit of that perfect job.

“Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”

-George S. Patton


Athletic competition provides valuable benefits to college students because it involves people in challenging each other to perform at their highest levels. Pike is dedicated to inspiring its members to perform at their highest levels in everything they do. Pike believes that through athletic competition our memebers will build teamwork skills fundamental to success in life, bolster unity within the chapter, and improve the quality of their overall college experience. Whether it be through varsity athletics, intramurals, or simply sharing in the experience by supporting other members, athletics can fill in the missing pieces in classroom learning to create the overall college experience.

“Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.”

-George F. Will


Members of Pi Kappa Alpha continually pursue high standards of behavior.  Pikes are expected to exhibit the traits of a true gentleman in their everyday actions, including treating women with particular courtesy. However, the state of being a gentleman that Pikes strive for surpasses the traditional notions of chivalry. As Pikes, being a gentlemen involves the treatment of all people with the utmost respect and dignity. This goal is achieved collectively by holding all members accountable for their actions, recognizing that the negative actions of one member can diminish the reputation of the entire organization.

“Once a gentleman, and always a gentleman.”

-Charles Dickens