Zeta Mu-University of Idaho

10329187_10203082741286216_1137989700409859253_nFounded on this campus in 1966, Pike at the University of Idaho was a very successful chapter. Commonly ranked as a top house, the Pike chapter here worked very hard and had an extreme amount of dedication to the ideals we have as a fraternity.

A diverse house, with members from all backgrounds and walks of life, Pike flourished on campus until the revocation of their charter in the late 2000s.

However, after a long colonization period with dedication from both alumni and current members, Pike achieved rechartering on 3/23/2013. Pike here at University of Idaho is working actively to attain ground for a house by working with the University, alumni, and our housing corporation. We look forward to what comes and believe strongly in the values of Pi Kappa Alpha.