Alpha Omicron-Southwestern University


S.L.A.G. stands for Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentlemen, and are the pillars of our success.

Scholars– As the first letter in the S.L.A.G. acronym that describes Pikes and the standard that we hold ourselves to, Pi Kappa Alpha realizes that students enroll in college, first and foremost, to get a quality education. Consistent with this philosophy, the Fraternity places a strong emphasis on scholarship and on educating our members both inside and outside of the classroom. Through minimum GPA standards, mentor programs, educational programming and Pike University events, members are equipped to excel academically.


Leaders– The Fraternity provides a valuable arena for developing and honing leadership skills that will benefit the individual member throughout his life. In addition, Pi Kappa Alpha promotes leadership through campus involvement, by encouraging its members to take on positions of leadership in other organizations. By being members of one of the largest fraternal organizations in North America, our members are provided the opportunity to not only gain elite leadership experience while in college, but to network with our highly successful alumni in their post-graduate careers.


Athletes-Pi Kappa Alpha believes that athletic competition can provide valuable benefits to college students, because it encourages young men to challenge each other and to perform at their highest levels. Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to inspiring its members to compete and push themselves in everything they do. We believe that through athletic competition, we will build teamwork skills fundamental to success in the business world, bolster unity within the chapter, contribute to the physical and mental health of our members, and improve the quality of the overall college experience. Competition breeds excellence – in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in our daily lives.


Gentlemen– Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience. Six exemplary gentlemen founded Pi Kappa Alpha in 1868 as a way to build friendships based on common values. Today we continue in their tradition by recruiting quality gentlemen and men that respect themselves, their peers, and their communities, as stated in our True Pike values. Members of the Fraternity are taught proper social skills and etiquette through membership development programs, and given the opportunity to practice these skills at social events such as mixers, exchanges, and formals. In addition to the social aspect of being a gentleman, members are strongly encouraged to participate in the numerous community service and philanthropy opportunities presented by our chapters. Pi Kappa Alpha believes that a commitment to service is a crucial part of developing as a young man.