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All of our brothers are excited to be back on campus and beginning another fall semester filled with Gamecock football. We had a very eventful summer as our chapter made steps to further improve our Hampton Street house. With some gracious alumni support we were able to install bunk beds or lofts in every bedroom in the main house. Along with various other upkeep done around the property, these improvements allowed us to move eleven sophomores into the house for the coming year. With the house looking better than ever, our young guys are excited to be living with their pledge brothers in a house we can call our own.

In early August, our executive board attended the PIKE International Conference in Baltimore, MD and had a blast representing our chapter at the event. They had a very successful trip as they were able to network and learn from other chapters as well as meet privately and plan for the 2014-2015 school year. We are excited to announce that we received another Chapter Excellence Award that marks us in the top twenty percent of PIKE chapters internationally and it is now on display at the house. Although it was very disappointing to miss out on the Robert Adger Smythe Award, we were told that with a few minor adjustments we would be a top candidate next year and will use the loss as motivation to improve Xi Chapter in 2014-2015.

One area that we regrettably let go by the wayside during the spring semester was our communication with our esteemed alumni. With our busy spring schedule we were not able to hold an event where all of our alumni could get together with the current members for a good time. We hope to make up for the absence of a spring event with a combined alumni and parents cocktail party and tailgate the weekend that South Carolina plays Missouri which is September 26 – 27. We will have further information detailing the events of the weekend coming very soon, but we wanted to get the word out as soon as possible as we have already entered September. We hope that everyone can mark their calendars and make it to Columbia for that weekend. Our members are very excited to reconnect with all of our alumni and recreate the great times we all had last fall when we all got together during the Florida game weekend.