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Xi Chapter Recognized at Pi Kappa Alpha National Convention

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Memphis, TN- This past weekend four members of the University of South Carolina’s chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha attended their fraternity’s International Convention, which was hosted at the historic Peabody Hotel. In attendence for the USC Chapter were President Taft Havron, Vice Presidents Robby Rohan and Bill Doody, as well as Treasurer Andrew Anido.

The men returned to their chapter house in Columbia with three awards for their mantle, including: the 100 Man Chapter Award, the Scholarship Award, and An International Work Day Award. Xi Chapter ranks in the top 10% internationally in GPA, and in the top 5% internationally in chapter size.

The awards did not stop there; President Taft Havron became Gold Certified in recognition for his attendence at 5 Pike University summits, and Vice President Robby Rohan became Garnet Certified for his attendence at 3 of the above mentioned summits.

“œMemphis was memorable.” said Havron, “œWe found the events there to be very educational and we enjoyed ourselves thuroughly. We have been motivated by what we learned in Memphis, and we look forward to having a very succesful semester for our chapter.”

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