Eta Kappa-University of South Alabama

Recruitment is not a process in which a fraternity strives to find people to increase the number of members in its chapter.  However, recruitment is a process in which we strive to spread what we know and love to those who we view and desire to become part of our family.

The fall semesters at the University of South Alabama include formal rush which is a time period, generally lastly about four days, that provides an opportunity to meet and view each fraternity before making a decision.

The spring semesters consist informal rush.  In this sense, anyone can choose to engage in the process to join a fraternity upon the receiving and acceptance of a bid.

Here are some terms that may help you along with your decision about joining a fraternity:

-Bid: a card expressing an invitation to join one’s fraternity
-Rush: the process of meeting new individuals to spread the fraternity amongst
-Rushing a fraternity: meeting and getting to know the members of a fraternity to decide whether or not one wishes to join
-Pledging a fraternity: accepting the bid to join a fraternity and engaging in a new member education program of that particular fraternity

For more information on recruitment, contact our Recruitment Chairman, Jeffrey Houser at 205-401-1945 or