Eta Kappa-University of South Alabama

We are the Eta Kappa Chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity located at the University of South Alabama and founded May 8, 1971. Our goal is to create members who are well-rounded individuals of elite standing. Our open slogan is S.L.A.G. which consists of four pillars: Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and above all else Gentlemen. We recruit and create members who understand the importance of education and strive for academic success; face any circumstance regardless of adversity and lead by great example; hold the competitive drive to reach victory; and lastly respect themselves, administers, authority and most importantly women.

As PIKES, we strive to be the best and most courteous men around. We are not the best because we are the biggest, but we are the biggest because we are the best!

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity House