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The List Is Endless, but The Quality Remains the Same
The Brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha are some of the most successful people to walk this Earth. Below is a list of just some of our famous Pike brothers. These Pikes came from all walks of life and are true examples of what our brotherhood is all about.
Bobby Bowden – Head Football Coach, Florida State Coach Bowden has been coaching football at Florida State University since 1976 and has led the Seminoles to a National title twice (1993, 1999), second place twice (1987, 92), third, four times (1988, 89, 97, 99), fourth, five times (1990, 91, 94, 95, 96) and fifth in 2000. No team in college football history can match the run. Bobby Bowden was initiated into Pi Kappa Alpha’s Alpha Pi Chapter at Samford University in 1949. He served as chapter president in 1954 and has supported Pi Kappa Alpha ever since.

Horace Grant – Professional Basketball Player
Horace Grant (Clemson, Eta Alpha ’91) is best known for his work with the Chicago Bulls organization where he won three NBA championships (1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93). He was also a member of the 2000-01 champion L.A. Lakers team in the home city of the USC PIKE chapter. At the 1991 Pi Kappa Alpha Officers Leadership Academy, Grant addressed an audience and spoke of how the Bull’s formula for success can be used within the Fraternity – “We came together as a team. With a fraternity, we are a team. When everyone has the same focus the sky is the limit,” Grant said.
Jeremy Piven – Actor
Jeremy Piven, famous for is award-winning acting in roles such as “Ari Gold” from Entourage or “Lester Burnham” in American Beauty, was a Pike at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. 
Jon Stewart – Anchor of The Daily Show
A New Jersey native and initiate of Pi Kappa Alpha at The College of William & Mary, Jon Stewart is considered one of America’s top social and comedic voices. From his anchor chair of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” he “has breathed new life into a show that hadn’t even seemed to need it,” said The New York Times. Since taking over as the anchorman of “The Daily Show” in January 1999, Stewart’s presence has seen higher ratings and awareness for himself and Comedy Central.
Rick Dees – Radio Personality
As host of Rick Dees Weekly Top Forty, Dees is heard on over 400 stations across the country and 70 countries worldwide. In addition, he is the immensely popular host of the Rick Dees Morning Show on KIIS/Los Angeles, where he has dominated radio since 1982. Rick Dees is the recipient of The People’s Choice Award and has been awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is a 1970 initiate of Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of North Carolina (Tau Chapter). His son is also a Pike initiate (Southern California, Gamma Eta ’98).


Todd Hays – 2002 U. S. Olympian

Pi Kappa Alpha alumnus Todd Hays (Tulsa, Gamma Upsilon ’90) drove a United States four-man bobsled into American Olympic history in 2002 when the team won a silver medal, the country’s highest finish ever and first Olympic medal in the sport in 46 years.
Hubert Green – Professional Golfer
A 1965 initiate of Delta Lambda Chapter (Florida State), Hubert Green is a well-known professional golfer. He turned professional in 1970 and has since won 19 PGA victories and 4 Champions Tour victories. Green has been active in golf coarse design, working with Fuzzy Zoeller on the TPC at Southwind, venue for the PGA Tour’s FedEx St. Jude Classic and assisted in designing Greystone GC in Birmingham with Bob Cupp – site of the Bruno’s Memorial Classic. 

Tim McGraw ┠Country Music Star
Tim McGraw, the country music star pledged Pi Kappa Alpha at the university of Louisiana. He ignored all the stereotypes that his friends had told him. He was told that he would be “Buying his friends,” but he says all the stereotypes were totally UNTRUE. He says that PIKES were the greatest group of guys and the most respectful out of fraternity guys. He still works today with two of his fraternity brothers as financial advisors, and marketing advisors. When they are on tour one brother will start a PIKE SONG and the others will just hop in. Tim says that being a PIKE is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Other Famous Pikes in ”BUSINESS
Bruce A. Aguilera – Vice President and General Counsel, Bellagio Hotel
Michael T. Ainslie – Former Vice President, Sotheby’s Europe
Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio – Inventor and Entrepreneur
John A. Balch – Former President of Royal Appliance Manufacturing
J. Frank Bell, III – Chairman and CEO, Intellinet
Arthur S. Bowes* – Industrialist
W. Todd Bowling – President, Solutions-II, Inc.
Chester M. Brown* – Former Chairman of the Board, Allied Chemical
Lawrence Owen Brown – Entrepreneur, President and CEO, Owen Brown Enterprises
Nolan Bushnell – Founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater
William M. Byrne – Entrepreneur, Author
R. Don Cash – Chairman, President and CEO, Questar Corp.
S. Truett Cathy – Founder/CEO, Chick-Fil-AW. E. Chope* – Former President, Industrial Nucleonics Corp.
Edward N. Cole* – Former President, General Motors Corp.
Dr. Stephen R. Covey – Chairman, Covey Leadership Center

Thomas H. Davis* – Founder, Former President and CEO, Piedmont Airlines
Robert H. Dedman, Jr. – President and CEO, Club Corp. International
William H. Dial* – Founder, Sun Banks of Florida
Jeffrey T. Dunn – COO and Sr. Vice President, Coca-Cola Americas
R. Lamar Durrett – Former CEO, Air Canada
Gordon E. Eubanks, Jr. – President, Oblix
Ike Evans – President and COO, Union Pacific Corp.
Joe T. Ford – Chairman and CEO, ALLTEL Corporation; Vice Chairman, Augusta National Golf Club
W. George Hairston III – CEO, Southern Nuclear
Neal C. Hansen – Chairman and CEO, CSG Systems International, Inc.
Lawrence Hariton – CFO, Universal Studios Home Video
Tom Harken – Chairman and CEO, Tom Harken and Associates

Lewis Hay III – CEO, FPL Group, Inc.
Daniel T. Hendrix – President and CEO, Interface, Inc.
Aaron Hendry – President, Hendry Corporation
R. Craig Hoenshell – Former Chairman and CEO, Avis, Inc.

James P. Holden – Former President and CEO, Daimler-Chrysler Corporation
J. R. Holland, Jr. – President and CEO, Unity Hunt
Chad O. Holliday – Chairman and President, DuPont

Edward S. Hyman, Jr. – Economist
Hjalma Johnson – Former President, American Bankers Association
Earl D. Johnson* – Former President, General Dynamics Corp.
Gerald Kiser – CEO, La-Z-Boy, Inc.
Ken Lowe – President and CEO, The E. W. Scripps Company

Bill McCartney – Founder and CEO, Promise Keepers
Graham K. McCorkle* – Former President, Illinois Bell Telephone Company
Grant Macfarlane* – Attorney and Philanthropist
Powell B. McHaney* – Former President, General American Life Insurance Company
John F. McNair III – Chairman, Wachovia Bank
James R. Moffett – Chairman and CEO, Freeport-McMohan Copper & Gold, Inc.
F. Anderson Morse – Managing Director, Riggs Bank Europe
E. Sanders Partee – President and CEO, ViewGate Networks
Neal Patterson – Chairman of the Board, CEO and Co-Founder, Cerner Corporation

Edward A. Pease – Sr. Vice President, Government Relations, Rolls-Royce North America, Inc.
Jed Pitcher – CEO, Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Joseph Plumeri – Former Chairman and CEO, Primerica Financial Services
Donald W. Reynolds* – Media Magnate
Samuel K. Skinner – President, Commonwealth Edison; Former Secretary of Transportation and Chief of Staff under President George Bush
Jack O. Snyder* – Former President, Sea World, Inc.
John S. Stein – Chairman and CEO, Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc.
Charles Sullivan – CEO, Interstate Bakeries
Lee Talley* – Former Chairman of the Board, Coca-Cola Co.
Jeff Taylor – Founder and CEO,

Ralph Terkowitz – Chief Technology Officer, Washington Post
L. Jack Van Fossen – Former President and CEO, Red Roof Inns
Donald T. Regan – Chairman, Merrill Lynch (retired) and Former White House Chief of Staff (Reagan administration)
Robert N. Wilson – Vice Chairman of the Board, Johnson & Johnson
Quentin E. Wood – CEO and Chairman of the Board (retired), Quaker State Oil
E. S. Woolard, Jr. – Former Chairman, E. I. Du Pont; Chairman, Telex Communications Corp.
Charles J. Wyly, Jr. – Chairman, Michaels Stores
Samuel E. Wyly – Vice Chairman, Michaels Stores
* deceased

Other Famous Pikes in ”PUBLIC SERVICE Leslie C. Arends* – Former United States Congressman, Illinois
Dick Armey – Former United States Representative, Texas
Herbert H. Bateman* – Former United States Congressman, Virginia
Tom Bevill – Former United States Representative, Alabama
Brooks E. Blitch, III – Chief Judge, Superior Court of Georgia
Charles A. Bowsher – Former Comptroller General of the United States

Dr. Earl W. Brian, Jr. – Former Secretary, State of California Health and Welfare Agency
Cavendish W. Cannon* – Former Diplomat, U.S. Foreign Service
John R. Carter – United States Representative, Texas
A. B. Chandler* – Former Governor of Kentucky
Earle C. Clements* – Former Governor of Kentucky
Thad Cochran – United States Senator, Mississippi

Bud Cramer – United States Representative, Alabama
Harry S. Dent – Former Special Counsel to the President
Everett M. Dirksen* – Former United States Senator, Illinois
Franklin S. Forsberg – Former United States Ambassador to Sweden
David Haight – 1 of 12 Apostles in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; former mayor of Palo Alto, CA
John V. Hendry – Chief Justice, Nebraska Supreme Court
Roy D. Hickman* – Former President, Rotary International
General Courtney Hodges* – Former U.S. Army Chief of Infantry
Leo A. Hoegh* – Former Governor of Iowa
John E. Horne* – Former Chairman, Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Jon Kyl – United States Senator, Arizona
Nicholas Lampson – United States Representative, Texas
Laurence F. Lee* – Former President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Jack Lucas – Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
David F. Maxwell* – Former President, American Bar Association
Dr. John P. McGovern – Doctor
John W. McNair, Jr. – Head Program/Budget Coordinator, Office of the Comptroller, Dept. of the Navy
Clarence W. Meadows* – Former Governor of West Virginia
Alan B. Mollohan – United States Representative, West Virginia
Frank E. Moss – Former United States Senator, Utah
W. Robert Pearson – Ambassador to Turkey
C. Patrick Roberts – United States Senator, Kansas

C. Wesley Roberts* – Former Chairman, Republican National Convention
A. Willis Robertson* – Former United States Senator, Virginia
Dr. John C. Ruddock* – Medical Research
Pete Sessions – United States Representative, Texas
John J. Sparkman* – Former United States Senator, Alabama
Luther L. Terry* – Former Surgeon General of the United States
J. Strom Thurmond – Former United States Senator, South Carolina
Dr. Malcolm C. Todd* – Former President, American Medical Association
Elbert P. Tuttle* – Former General Counsel, U.S. Treasury Department
Most. Rev. Bishop Henry St. George Tucker* – Bishop of the Episcopal Church
James van Hoften – Space Shuttle Astronaut
Milo J. Warner* – Former National Commander, American Legion
Claude R. Wickard* – Former Secretary of Agriculture
General Louis Wilson (Retired) – Marine Corps Commandant, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Major Carl E. Wuertele – War Ace
* deceased 

Other Famous Pikes in EDUCATION 

Joseph Ajello – Team Chief, Galileo UV Spectrometer Experiment/Jet Propulsion Lab
Dr. Tom Bonner – President, Wayne State University
John A. DiBiaggio – President, Tufts University
Nick Dunagan – Chancellor, University of Tennessee-Martin
E. Gordon Gee – Chancellor, Vanderbilt University
Dr. Walter L. Harrison – President, University of Hartford
Dr. James D. Hoskins* – Former President, University of Tennessee
Kenneth T. Jackson – Chairman of the History Department-Columbia University, Editor-in-Chief of The Encyclopedia of New York City
David L. Jorns – Former President, Eastern Illinois University
William Mankin – Senior Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Thomas McGraw – Pulitzer Prize Winner
Allen C. Meadors – Chancellor, University of North Carolina-Pembroke
Wayne L. Morse* – Former Dean, University of Oregon
Dr. William R. Nester – Chancellor Emeritus, University of Nebraska-Kearney
Dr. John Lloyd Newcomb* – Former President, University of Virginia
W. Taylor Reveley, Jr.* – Former President, Hampden-Sydney College
Eldridge W. Roark, Jr. – Former National President, Omicron Delta Kappa
Dr. Otis A. Singletary, Jr. – Former President, University of Kentucky
W. Christian Sizemore – Chancellor, William Jewel College
Dr. Samuel H. Smith – Former President, Washington State University
Dr. Andrew A. Sorensen – President, The University of Alabama
Edwin B. Strong, Jr. – President, Culver-Stockton College
William P. Tolley* – Former President and Chancellor, Syracuse University
Gary Trennepohl – President, Oklahoma State University-Tulsa
Robert F. Vagt – President, Davidson College
Glen Weissenberger – Dean of DePaul University School of Law
William H. Willimon – Dean of Chapel at Duke University and professor of theology; author
* deceased
Other Famous Pikes in NEWS, ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Rick Dees – Radio PersonalityTed Koppel – ABC’s Nightline Anchor
and Managing EditorJon Stewart – Anchor of The Daily Show

Jimmie Baker* – Emmy Award winning director and producer retired from ABC
Brad Booker – Drummer, Stir
Richard L. Evans* – Former Editor & Producer, CPS Tabernacle Choir Program
Kevin Gagnepain – Bassist, Stir
Alex Hawkins – Television Sports Personality
Bob Losure – Former Anchor of CNN Headline News

Tim McGraw – Country Music Star

Kenneth T. Ober – Game Show Host
Fess Parker – Actor
William Sanderson – Actor
Robert L. Ward – Senior Vice President and Creative Director, Universal Studios
Morgan Woodward – Actor
* Deceased

Other Famous Pikes in SPORTS
Bobby Bowden – Head Football Coach, Florida StateHorace Grant – Professional Basketball PlayerHubert Green – Professional Golfer

Todd Hays – 2002 U. S. Olympian

Lance Alworth – Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jamie Asher – Professional Football Player, Philadelphia Eagles
Trevino Betty – 2000 Canadian Olympian, Sprinter
Pat Bowlen – Owner, Denver Broncos
Wesley E. Fesler* – Former Head Football Coach, Ohio State
Gus Frerotte – Quarterback, Denver Broncos
Breaux Greer – 2000 U.S. Olympian, Javelin
Bill Guthridge – Retired Head Basketball Coach, University of North Carolina
Dan Issel – Head Coach and General Manager of the NBA’s Denver Nuggets; Professional Basketball Hall of Fame
Garth Jax – Former Pro Football, Arizona Cardinals

Travis Knight – Pro Basketball Player, Los Angeles Lakers
Jeff MacMunn – 1996 and 2000 Olympian – USA Disabled Volleyball Team
Bill McCartney – Former Head Football Coach, University of Colorado; Founder and CEO of Promise Keepers
William H. Moos – Athletic Director, University of Oregon
Dick Motta – Former NBA Coach, Dallas Mavericks
Steve Prefontaine* – Former World Class Runner, National Track and Field Hall of Fame
Bob Pruett – Head Football Coach, Marshall University
Howard Schnellenberger – Head Football Coach, Florida Atlantic University
Frank Sinkwich* – Heisman Trophy Winner, University of Georgia
Kevin Stallings – Head Basketball Coach, Vanderbilt University
Gene Stephenson – Head Baseball Coach, Wichita State University
Gino Torretta – Heisman Trophy Winner, University of Miami
Mike Trigg – Head Coach, The Rampage Arena Football Team
Pappy Waldorf* – Coach, Northwestern University
Matt Whiteside – Professional Baseball Player, San Diego Padres
Woody Widenhofer – Head Football Coach, Vanderbilt University
* deceased