Eta Rho-Northern Kentucky University

On April, 15th 1972 the Eta Rho chapter was chartered at Northern Kentucky University becoming the first Fraternity on campus.

Northern Kentucky University had started out as a small community 2 year college back in 1968 in Highland Heights, KY. Just 8 miles from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio the small college grew and the chapter grew along with it.

NKU now serves close to 15,000 students both residential and commuter and as of Spring 2016 the Eta Rho chapter has 86 active members and some 1000+ initiated alumni members.

The Robert Adger Smythe Award recognizes the top 10% of all 220+ PIKE Chapters across North America. The Eta Rho Chapter has won the Robert Adger Smythe award 7 times in it’s history (2007, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017)  and is currently on is 5th consecutive Smythe making it a Dynasty Level chapter, just one of 12 Dynasty Chapters is the nation.

Here is a word from current chapter President for 2017, Rick Seal on the history of the Eta Rho chapter:

“The Eta Rho chapter, like Northern Kentucky University has always been under a constant construction to keep making additions to better itself and the members it serves. Our chapter just like the university had humble beginnings with less than 20 members in 1972 but with time the chapter found ways to  better itself year after year and now we serve 100+ brothers and close to a thousand alumni. I believe it is due to this fraternity’s foundation of fostering the best Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, & Gentlemen possible because its these type of members that the Eta Rho chapter recruits and graduates into society year after year.”