Gamma Kappa-Montana State University

NOW is the time.

NOW is the moment.

NOW is the opportunity.





Dear Alumnus of Pi Kappa Alpha,

It is time. It’s time to help the Gamma Kappa Chapter at Montana State University grow, strengthen, and continue to serve as a leader for Greek Life at MSU this vision can be enhanced and continued through an innovative campaign 200 for 10.

200 for 10 calls for 200 Gamma Kappa Alumni to donate $10 a month, a mere 33-cents a day, to the organization that can be attributed for so much. The end result: $48,000 for scholarship opportunities, Pike University events and endowments for future Gamma Kappa Pikes.

We rank first in intramural athletics,we are the largest fraternity on campus,  and last year we received 3.54/4.0 rating from our national consultant, placing us in the top 9% of chapters nationwide,  Pi Kappa Alpha is thriving at MSU. Our current chapter is doing its part in leading and showing MSU that Pi Kappa Alpha is the best. Our men are showing Greek Life and all of campus what it means to be a Pi Kappa Alpha member, and what it means to live S.L.A.G. every day.

We promise your investment will pay off. Your commitment to Gamma Kappa will help ensure that our great chapter continues to produce outstanding men. Your donation will also help Pi Kappa Alpha continue to be a premier chapter. The vision we have for our chapter is not far-fetched. Through your support and commitment, Gamma Kappa Chapter will be the envy of Greek Life. This is the oath you took on the day you initiated into our bonds.

Specific Goals

Gamma Kappa wishes to raise money to help fund the following scholarships, Pike University events and conventions.

  • Men of Excellence Scholarship: $2000 per semester
  • Chapter Executives Conference in Memphis, Tennessee:
    1. Registration fees for the President, Treasurer and Recruitment Chairman: approximately $1000
    2. Airfare: approximately $1500
    3. Hotel room: Approximately $250
  • International Convention/ The Academy:
    1. Registration fees for 5 undergraduates: approximately $2000
    2. Travel expenses/ Airfare: approximately $200/ $2500
    3. 2 Hotel Rooms: approximately  $500
  • One regional Leadership Summit per year:
    1. Registration fees for 5 undergraduate members: approximately $500
    2. Travels expense: approximately $200
    3. 2 Hotel Rooms: approximately $300

Donations: To donate monthly amounts use the “Subscribe” button below. For one time donations use the “Donate” button below.