Zeta Phi-University of Missouri-St. Louis

Pikes are everywhere. Business, public service, entertainment, arts, media, sports and education—you name it, we’re succeeding in it. Pi Kappa Alpha is composed of more than 275,000 lifetime members, 220 chapters and 150 alumni associations in North America. The Zeta Phi chapter has over 500 alumni that initiated into the Fraternity since being originally founded in 1969 at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. Join the Zeta Phi Alumni Database to stay in contact with the active chapter and receive annual updates on chapter accomplishments!

Zeta Phi Alumni Advisory Board:

One of the foremost resources for the success of a Pi Kappa Alpha chapter is the Alumni Advisory Board.  This team of advisors can provide the mature advice and perspective that will take a chapter from the middle of the pack, to the top spot of their campus.  The most effective advisors are typically part of a team. Advisors assist the active chapter in the following categories – operations, finances, recruitment, health & safety, and education. The creation and maintenance of an alumni advisory board is beneficial for the chapter and alumni volunteers. For the chapter, it offers more perspectives and expertise than one alumnus could possibly provide. For alumni, it makes advising a much more manageable and enjoyable experience.To get in touch with the Zeta Phi Alumni Advisory Board, contact the Chapter Advisor.

Ron Chamberlin | Zeta Phi Chapter Advisor | (636) 734-5567

Zeta Phi Alumni Association:

Alumni associations are groups of alumni and friends connected to the Fraternity and each other through social, cultural, athletic, recreational and academic related activities. An alumni association exists to promote brotherhood by providing an outlet for casual alumni interaction. PIKE alumni associations are generally established in two formats: geographic-based associations and chapter-based associations. The Zeta Phi Alumni Association hosts various events throughout the year, such as mouse races, golf tournaments, winery outings, and many other activities that allow local alumni to stay in touch and continue to strengthen the everlasting friendship that Pi Kappa Alpha is founded upon. To get in touch with the Zeta Phi Alumni Association, contact the association President.

Aaron Golchert | Zeta Phi Alumni Association President | (314) 596-6481

Zeta Phi Housing Corporation:

If housing is a competitive factor on campus, the purpose of the house corporation and its volunteers is to achieve and retain competitive housing for the benefit of the chapter. This is best achieved through effective management and long term planning. House corporation volunteers come from all walks of life, however it is ideal to have board members with corporate management and/or real estate related backgrounds. Above all, having a passion for providing premier housing for their chapter is a must. The Zeta Phi Housing Corporation, also known as the Lily of the Valley, is responsible for maintaining the UMSL Pike house located at 8826 Natural Bridge Road, Saint Louis, MO 63121. To get in touch with the Zeta Phi Housing Corporation, contact the Corporation President.

Jim Henderson | Zeta Phi Housing Corporation President | (314) 799-6983

Zeta Phi Donations:

As explained above, alumni play a vital role in the continued success of any Pi Kappa Alpha chapter. Throughout guidance and support, chapters are able to thrive on their respective campus and within their local community. Outside of volunteering on associations, alumni also help with improving chapters via donations and endowment funds. These funds contribute to not only local development and growth within the chapter, but also allow members to attend Pike University summits to gain knowledge and leadership skills throughout their undergraduate career. If you’re interested in donating to the Zeta Phi chapter, use the form below to contribute. We greatly appreciate any and all donations!