Alpha Nu-University of Missouri

The men of Pi Kappa Alpha strive to exercise the ideas and values of what it means to be a S.L.A.G.:

Scholars. Pi Kappa Alpha holds scholastic achievement in high regard. Members of PiKA make the most of their college experience in the classroom as well as inside the social circle.

Leaders. Becoming a member of Pi Kappa Alpha helps to forge in good men, leadership qualities that may have been previously left untapped. The fraternity helps its members develop effective time management skills and encourages appreciation for commitment, hard work, and dedication – all of which are invaluable assets after graduation. In the simplest terms, Pi Kappa Alpha teaches its members how to run a successful business organization. Not only do these qualities help to create and prolong future careers, they are ones which members of Pi Kappa Alpha continue to use throughout their lifetimes to better their lives and the lives of those around them.

Athletes. Pi Kappa Alpha takes their sports seriously. Being a member of PiKA means understanding team concepts, appreciating success, and learning from defeats. Members of PiKA realize that athletics build moral character and that a competitive edge is necessary in order to succeed in life.

Gentlemen. The men of Pi Kappa Alpha are men of integrity. Not only do they have a high level of self-respect, but they hold the same level of respect for the men and women around them. These attributes are fostered in every individual who joins Pi Kappa Alpha. Through sponsoring and participating in various social programs, members of PiKA remain continually aware of the need for ethics and values in today’s society. Members of PiKA practice social etiquette by embodying the ideals of a gentleman and exercising appropriate social conduct.