Mu Delta-McMaster University

Once a Pike, always a Pike.

When you became a Pike, you joined a lifetime network of 275,000 brothers. You can continue that association almost anywhere in North America by joining an alumni association or volunteering at the local level.


Pike Shaped You. Now You Can Shape Pike.

Local volunteer support is vital to the success and relevance of our Chapter and our Fraternity. Alumni mentors serve at all levels of the Fraternity. Alumni Advisory Boards, House Corporations, and Alumni Association volunteers play critical roles in making better men and adding to the lifelong experience of being a Pike.

volunteer support structure

Three Ways to Serve at the Local Level

Alumni Advisory Board

The creation and maintenance of an alumni advisory board is beneficial for the chapter and alumnus volunteers. For the chapter, it offers more perspectives and expertise than one alumnus could possibly provide. For alumni, it makes advising a much more manageable and enjoyable experience. An alumni advisory board consists of alumnus members who can offer the following:

  • Their professional expertise and support to the undergraduate chapter
  • Counsel and advice to chapter leadership
  • Assistance in the areas of academics, leadership, undergraduate recruitment, and financial management
  • A commitment to helping the chapter improve

House Corporation

If housing is a competitive factor on campus, the purpose of the house corporation and its volunteers is to achieve and retain competitive housing for the benefit of the chapter. This is best achieved through effective management and long-term planning.
House corporation volunteers come from all walks of life. However, it is ideal to have board members with corporate management and/or real estate related backgrounds. Above all, having a passion for providing premier housing for their chapter is a must.

Alumni Association

The easiest way for an alumnus member to stay involved with the Fraternity is to actively participate in a local alumni association. The creation and maintenance of a chapter-based association allows alumni to maintain contact with their brothers, their chapter, and their university.
Area based associations provide both social and professional networking opportunities in major metropolitan areas.
Our alumni associations stay  connected with other brothers through a variety of events hosted by the association (i.e. golf tournaments, Founders Day banquets, homecoming festivities, etc.).


For more information on volunteering for PIKE, download our PIKE Volunteer Prospectus  or email

What is Alumni Relations

The Alumni are a strong part of a fraternity. They ensure history is never forgotten and help to teach the foster the active members. We understand that they are such huge assets. So socials are held for them, we invite them to do workshops and presentations for the colony, ask them for their help with networking, and we send the newsletter to the alumni to inform them of our chartering progress.

If you are an alumni and want to somehow get involved with our colony please contact me at



First Semester Events

Homecoming Tailgate Party

This year we held a tailgate before and after McMasters Homecoming football game. It was a huge success, with a myriad of people showing up in their maroon garb ready to cheer on our school. What made the event even better was when Red Rain, our sponsor, came and gave everyone energy drinks to get them even more pumped for the football game. The few alumni, that our colony has, came to this event and had a great time. They fit in perfectly with the new members and were helping everyone to get brazened for the game. The party after the game was also impressive. We reached the capacity of the venue very early but got the alumni in just in time to show them another good time that night.

Lock Down

Alumni joined us for our brotherhood events during our Lockdown. This is where we locked all the brothers in a house and gave them brotherhood tasks. One of the tasks was to find out 2 facts about every single brother in the colony. They enjoyed the event very much because they had done it before when they were actives last year and it was really great for the actives to see such strong and successful men come back to our colony and join in our fun. Everyone enjoyed their presence very much.

Alumni Presentation

John Gill, an alumnus from last year came and did a presentation for all of the actives and new members. He talked about the perks of being part of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, what it meant to him, and about being an alumnus for our colony. It made the actives extremely proud to be a Pike and got the new members very excited for their future with the fraternity.


Second Semester Events

Chartering Ceremony

For our Chartering Ceremony, we plan to have a big pig roast. We have a set amount of dues set aside to make this an enormous event. The ceremonys post-event will also have veggies and Halal meats so that everyone can be a part of the festivities! We will send out invitations to our own alumni, regional Pikes, and Headquarters, so that the actives and new members can network and meet as many outside Pikes as possible.

Golf Trip

We are planning to have an alumnus Golf Trip. We will be going to Chedoke Golf Course, which is right down the street from McMaster. We will invite our alumni and any regional alumni who would like to come down and meet the newest chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha. It will hopefully be our first big event as a chapter.

Founders Day Party

Pi Kappa Alpha McMaster would like to have a tailgate party on Founder’s Day. We want to celebrate the 144th year of Pi Kappa Alpha and the pride we will feel to finally and truly be a part of such an incredible organization. We will invite our alumni and regional Pikes, if they are not already going to a party of their own.