Delta Iota-Marshall University

Coach Bob Pruett

West Virginia Native Coach Bobby Pruett was the Marshall University Head Football Coach for nine seasons coaching athletes such as Randy Moss, Byron Leftwich, and Chad Pennington. Bob Pruett was the most winning coach of the 90’s with an outstanding winning percentage of .803. He served as an active member of Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Iota Chapter in the year 1962.

Ernest H. Ern

Ernest H. Ern served as the University of Virginia Senior Vice President beginning in the year 1993. He was a recipient of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for Excellence of Character and Service to Humanity. He currently has a prestigious academic scholarship and a dormitory complex named after him at UVA. Dr.Ern was an active member in the year 1960.

Charlie Wendell

Charlie Wendell is a native of Fayetteville, WV and is a real estate tycoon as well as CPA. He was an active member and served as Chapter President in 1968.

Stan Love

Stan Love is currently the CEO of Love Publishing Company based out of Denver, CO. He served as Chapter President in 1953 and then went on to be a National Consultant for our international fraternity headquarters.