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Living In the House

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Year in and year out new members take on the responsibility of moving into the chapter household. This is a necessity as an organization if Pi Kappa Alpha intends to remain in the top tier of organizations at Marshall University. The house is just over 110 years old and was a magnificent estate in its prime. It currently consists of 8 bedrooms (5 Singles, 2 Doubles, 1 Six Person), 2 full bathrooms, and a fully functional kitchen. The kitchen, due to a gracious donations, will be undergoing a full restoration over the summer months. The house is in a convenient location, being only a short 15 minute walk to the opposite end of campus as well as a 20 minute walk to downtown Pullman Plaza. A very popular controversy, however, would be the assumption of a decline in grades. This assumption is however statistically incorrect. The house is our headquarters and as an organization of college students it is stressed time and again that grades are the most important aspect of our university experience and is always prioritized ahead of the Fraternity business. This being said, the more members that decide to live in the house results in an increased motivation on one another to attend class and study. As a household last semester, the 10 men living in the house received an overall average GPA of 3.46 amongst the full-time students. This statistic is six points higher than the out of house average of a still impressive 2.8 GPA. On top of academic accountability in the house, the experience of living with 14 close friends while being a 19 to 22 year old college male is unrivaled. Lastly, with increased leases within the chapter headquarters, there is a noticeable increase in the chapter funds allowing our organization to participate in more planned Brotherhood Events, Gentleman Socials with Sororities, more House Improvements, and many more benefits to every member of the chapter.

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