Mu Theta-Kent State University

The Mu Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was established as a colony on the Kent State University campus in the fall of 2011. During this time two expansion consultants, Carson Simms and Kevin Delie, from PIKE’s national headquarters came to campus in search of men who exemplify the ideals of Pi Kappa Alpha. These men had to be scholars, leaders, athletes, and gentlemen, or SLAG as it is commonly referred to. PIKE grew in size to roughly sixty members before it was chartered, became one of the premier fraternities on Kent State’s campus.

The colonization period lasted two years before the Kent State chapter was chartered as Pi Kappa Alpha – Mu Theta on November 23, 2013.  To celebrate the realization of their goal, the members of the Mu Theta chapter held a banquet in which they handed out awards to individual members and recognized their first two Dream Girls. Every year, the Mu Theta chapter celebrates the anniversary of its chartering on that day.

Since its chartering, the Mu Theta chapter has experienced much success. It has continued to demonstrate excellence on Kent State’s campus. It remains one of largest fraternities on campus while still maintaining a high standard for all members. The Mu Theta chapter adopted Cycle for Life as its philanthropy and the first event was a major success, setting a benchmark for the future. In addition to its own philanthropic success, the Mu Theta chapter has performed many hours of community service, which it was recognized for at Kent State’s Greek Closing Ceremonies in its first semester as a chapter. Furthermore, the Mu Theta chapter has been able to maintain a high academic standard, achieve victories in athletics, and demonstrate leadership within both the Greek and Kent State communities.