Delta Xi-Indiana University

Forged in Adversity

The Pi Kappa Alpha Team was created for the little 500 at Indiana University.  The quarter mile cinder track of Bill Armstrong Stadium is a defining moment in the lives of riders as it challenges the limits mental toughness and showcases extreme athleticism.  Our team trains year round for the nationally broadcasted event which has been the spotlight of collegiate events on ESPN in recent years.  This 200 lap -“ 50 mile race – is an old school tradition originating in 1951 that has become the ultimate obstacle for competitive bikers as thirty-three teams seek to bring home the gold.



Pi Kappa Alpha’s Team consists of all PIKE brothers, who have dedicated their time and soul to the spirit of competition and good sportsmanship.  This year our team took a huge step forward, featuring four sophomore riders who have developed a year-round program to ensure PIKE’s success in upcoming years.  Many of our newly initiated gentlemen have been taken under the wing of our little 500 coaches and captains in order that they may carry on the reigns for next year.  Riders will come to face the limits of mental endurance and physical pain as they attempt to become the riders for Pi Kappa Alpha.

Little 500 Riders


John Arcaro


Class Standing: Sophomore  Major: Finance  Pledge Class: Omicron Experience on Team: 2nd Year    Ian Kelly 2015-07-27 00.27.40 Class Standing: Sophomore  Major: Economic Consulting  Pledge Class: Omicron Experience on Team: 2nd Year    Nick Wethington Nick W    Class Standing: Sophomore   Major: SPEA   Pledge Class: Xi   Experience on Team: 2nd Year
Adam Neidlinger  Class Standing: Junior  Major: SPEA  Pledge Class: Xi Experience on Team: 2nd Year     Chase Van Halen Chase V Class Standing: Sophomore Major: Undecided Pledge Class: Xi Experience on Team: 3rd Year