Zeta Sigma-Florida Institute of Technology

Official Name

The Pi Kappa Alpha House Foundation of Melbourne, Inc.

Who We Are

The House Corporation is a not-for-profit Florida corporation 501(c)7 that owns the property and residence at 2401 NE Riverview Drive. All Zeta Sigma Pikes are members of the house corporation. It’s board of directors is elected by the voting members of the house corporation and is comprised of alumni volunteers who have experience with management requirements that are particular to the real estate. The House Corporation operates a residence facility complete with a library, kitchen and other features that benefit the tenant.

Our Purpose

The house corporation’s primary role is to ensure the property’s financial safety. This includes making sure taxes, insurance and other business expenses are paid on time and that there is a consistent rental income. Its responsibilities also include:

  • To provide a safe and fully maintained living environment for its tenants
  • To abide by federal, state and local laws for fire safety and all other codes are met and exceeded.
  • To actively manage the property to assure the highest value of the property at all times.
  • We professionally manage the property by aligning our management team with expert skills provided by accountants, insurance professionals, and maintenance professionals to assure the stewardship of this real estate and to minimize downstream operational costs.

Our Measure of Success

We believe the stewardship of our collective skills to assure the value of our asset will improve the prospects of a sustainable culture of management ensuring financial strength of our entity. This approach puts us on a sustainable path that leads to consistent alignment and outcomes for our ”tenants, the Board and its Advisors, and our members.


Our history of success is a result of shared values and pursuing common goals. For our House Corporation, we know how to assemble skill sets that bring a strategic and diverse group of talented individuals together to advocate for positive change. Whether endorsing major infrastructure improvements or promoting sustainability, our leadership team is fundamental to our future.


The House Corporation has proven that sustainability has a positive bottom line impact on asset management, tenants, the community responsibility and the on-site environment. Sustainable development reduces operating costs, uses fewer resources, enhances our tenant relationship all inuring to and enhancing the value of our asset.