Zeta Sigma-Florida Institute of Technology

What is Pi Kappa Alpha?

Pi Kappa Alpha is a general, secret, social college fraternity. With the purpose of fostering friendship, leadership and community involvement, Pi Kappa Alpha (“Pike”) is one of North America’s premier fraternities.

Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to:

  • Scholastic Excellence
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Athletic Competition
  • Service to Community
  • Success Beyond the Undergraduate Years
  • Lifetime Friendships

Most importantly, Pi Kappa Alpha provides an opportunity to set yourself apart. Whether it’s on the athletic field, in the classroom or in campus leadership positions, Pi Kappa Alpha will have a presence.

Pi Kappa Alpha has achieved its success by attracting the highest quality individuals. The men who represent PiKA have made the decision to make the most of their college careers. From the youngest person ever to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor to countless CEOs and United States Congressmen, Pi Kappa Alpha members have set themselves apart.

The challenge is to hold yourself to a higher standard, to stand out and make the most of the opportunities the college experience presents. Competition, pride and superior organization drive the members of Pi Kappa Alpha to hold themselves to a higher standard – often, the results are historic.

College is what you make of it; the competitive edge drives Pi Kappa Alpha to lead the fraternity world, and individuals to accomplish great things. Men who want to get the most out of their experience at Florida Tech and life, should consider the many benefits of Pi Kappa Alpha.

If you have questions or would like more information about joining Pi Kappa Alpha, please fill out our Recruitment Interest Form! We will respond to you as soon as possible.


All Florida Tech students are invited to stop by the Pike House or give our rush chairman or president a call to find out more about Pi Kappa Alpha.


President   Rush Chairman
Evan Cosgrove   Christopher Zarlenga
(321) 917-2541   (401) 829-5162