Zeta Sigma-Florida Institute of Technology

Our campaign nears it’s conclusion as we prepare to break ground on the New Zeta Sigma Chapter House this summer!  Below excerpts are from our 95% blueprints.  You can download and view the full blueprints on our Campaign Documents page.

Bids are coming in and the budget is reaching finalization.  The most up to date budget information is now posted on our Campaign Documents page.

The work is not yet done, we need those brothers who have not contributed to this campaign to step up and help put us over the top.  Every contribution helps!  Join the 500 club and be a part of this great moment in Zeta Sigma History.






Pi Kappa Alpha is the premier fraternity at the Florida Institute of Technology.  Our history is distinguished and our alumni members include some of today’s most prominent business and professional leaders.

For many of us, our success began with our Zeta Sigma experience. As an undergraduate Pike, we made life-long friends, learned valuable leadership skills and began to build a powerful network.

To maintain this level of distinction we must continue to dream big and act with a vision toward the future. Today we plan to do just that by retiring the Grand Old Lady by the River and building a new, state-of-the art, Pike house for the next 100 years and beyond!

If you are interested in being a part of history by joining our growing campaign team, please CLICK HERE and let us know!