Zeta Sigma-Florida Institute of Technology

When a Pike Brother passes away they are said to join The Chapter Eternal.  Below is the list of our Zeta Sigma Brothers along with Brothers from other chapters who became affiliated with Zeta Sigma who have joined The Chapter Eternal.

Rest in Peace Brothers.


Brother Initiation Year Initiating Chapter
Oliver E. Kearns 1930 Beta Beta
Carl W. Bollum 1933 Gamma Eta
Richard A. Lawrence 1959 Beta Kappa
Joseph C. Sargeant,jr 1960 Delta Delta
William F. Hays 1968  
Jerome P. Keuper, Dr. 1968  
Bruce E. Klacsman 1968  
Ronald R. Polillo 1968  
Bart  M. Pond 1968  
William H. Rose 1968
Warren H. Rudderow 1968  
Joseph   Wickham 1968  
Ray  Alfred Work, Dr 1968  
David D. Woodbridge, Dr. 1968  
James W Cucci, jr 1969  
Jeffrey W. Sampson 1971  
Darrel R Fleck 1972  
Franklyn C. Koblank 1972  
Gerald Joseph Steimers 1972  
David L. Sweatman 1972  
James R. Plummer 1973  
George H. Moreau, Rev. 1975  
Eric Alfred Karlson 1976  
Robert Gladyn Labroad 1977  
David Charles Long 1978  
Bruce B. McCann 1978  
Kieron John Thomson 1980  
John M. Grazioso 1981  
Kirk Edwards Stowers 1982  
Richard Kevin Mesiano 1984  
Kenneth R.  Zugel 1988  
Dean A. Mann 1994 Theta Omicron
Brian D. Hafer 1995 Eta Kappa
Sean Rory Ferguson 2010  
Donnie Martin 2011