Zeta Sigma-Florida Institute of Technology

Project Find-a-Brother has located 100+ missing Zeta Sigma Alumni and updated contact information for over 120 Zeta Sigma Alumni. The ZS Alumni Association has decided to get involved with the Active Brotherhood as soon as a Pledge is initiated. We need to be proactive and stay in contact with the Brother while they are in school and after he graduates. Please check with your Zeta Sigma Brothers and verify they are in fact receiving our email.

New House Project: The Alumni Association is very involved with efforts to build a new Zeta Sigma House.  Our current house is showing the effects of 40+ years of constant use by young college students.  We have raised over $19,000 for a new house study. The new house study is actually an effort by a fraternal party fund raising company where alumni are contacted and an estimate of potential money is determined.  No money is collected during this phase. Once we know how much we can raise, we will know how much we can finance. Then we decide if we can build a new house. Believe me, there is much more work going on than stated above. Plans, topography maps, renderings, zoning, etc. all need to be addressed.

Get Togethers: The Alumni Get Together schedule is being changed to meet 4 times per year.  Stay tuned for announcements.