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Zeta Sigma Attends the Atlanta Leadership Summit 2015

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Melbourne, FL – On February 20, 2015, members of Zeta Sigma Chapter joined other Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity undergraduates at the 2015 Atlanta PIKE University Leadership Summit.

Undergraduates attended sessions that will expedite their career development after graduation. Sessions educated undergraduates on leadership, public speaking, personal branding, personal finance, alcohol and drug awareness, bystander intervention, understanding personal values, and problem solving to create positive change within their organization. Additionally PIKE University’s Leadership Lecture Series highlighted a prominent Pi Kappa Alpha alumnus who shared insight on leadership and life lessons that led to his personal and professional success.

Leadership Summits provide collegiate student leaders from around North America with some of the best personal and professional education available for college students. With sessions that serve students’ needs at any stage of their undergraduate career, these conferences provide an atmosphere of learning, networking, inspiration, collaboration and engagement that are unprecedented.

PIKE’s best and brightest left the summit empowered and motivated to create change within their chapters and campus communities.

This Leadership Summit is one of the nine PIKE University events held annually across the continent with over 3,500 annual participants. PIKE University is the combined banner for all Pi Kappa Alpha leadership programs and educational curriculum. The mission of PIKE University is to develop and provide educational programs aimed at fostering leadership, management and personal development skills in order to prepare college men for success in life.

For more information about PIKE University, please visit: https://www.pikes.org/subPikeUniversity.aspx?pid=8&spid=88


The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia in 1868 and has grown to an international brotherhood composed of more than 270,000 members, 225 chapters and 150 alumni associations. Pi Kappa Alpha has maintained the largest average chapter size of any inter/national fraternity for most of the past 20 years, and through its members has donated millions of hours and dollars to philanthropic causes and community organizations across North America. Pi Kappa Alpha’s mission is to “develop men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character and to foster a truly lifelong fraternal experience.”

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