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Cancer Survivor Olivia Leischner

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Cancer Survivor Olivia Leischner, Daughter of Brother Ben Leischner

Olivia Leischner, Daughter of Ben ’00 and Dawn Leischner, was diagnosed with cancer in December of 2013. Olivia was admitted to Mary Bridge Children?s Hospital in Tacoma, Washington. She has had a sore tummy for the past several weeks and during an investigatory ultrasound the doctors found a significant mass (6cm x 8cm) on her right adrenal gland. The preliminary diagnosis is neuroblastoma. While this is a very serious form cancer, preliminary tests have revealed a low probability that it has metastasized to other parts of her body. The surgical and oncological staff at Mary Bridge are optimistic about her prognosis.

The tumor was successfully removed on January 4, 2014 and sent for biopsy. We are currently breathing on our own in the PICU watching our blood levels. We are trying to avoid a blood transfusion as that can create complications with future treatment if a bone marrow transplant is needed. We still remain optimistic that we will receive good test results and get to go home in another week or two. The biggest surprise came when the surgeons opened Olivia and found that the tumor was actually in her chest pushing down into her abdomen. This means they were able to save her right adrenal gland and that the tumor came from the parasynthetic ganglia neves along her spine. The cancer is at least a stage 2, but that isn’t important if the biopsy results come back favorable. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CONTINUED PRAYER AND SUPPORT. Olivia is a fighter and she is going to beat this cancer.

January 10, 2014, O

livia’s biopsy results revealed that the tumor was largely mature cancer cells and the genetic tumor markers weren’t N-MIC amplified. Translation: NO CHEMOTHERAPY! Olivia is happy to be home and finally starting her road to a full recovery. We still have a lot of watching to do (PET scans, CAT scans and MRIs), but things look very positive. Thank you SO MUCH for all of the love and support!

Thank you to my Zeta Sigma and Pike family for sending my sick baby Olivia your support and fantastic balloon bouquet. The true meaning of Phi Phi.

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