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Alumni Association Treasurer’s Report

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by Geoff Miller 99’

First of all, a sincere thank you to all of the Alumni who have made donations to become official members of the Zeta Sigma Alumni Association of Pi Kappa Alpha. Almost the entirety of our funds come from the $100 minimum alumni membership donations.

Administrative and Operating Expenses include items like PO box, banking, webhosting ,and international fraternity fees, as well as brotherhood relations expenses for things like flowers and cards when appropriate.  These expenses include the very basic expenses needed to exist as an Alumni association, as well as expenses associated with reaching out to brothers and their families during tough times and times of joy.  We became PIKE?s for life, and it?s important to show our brothers we are here for them to offer love and support long after they?ve graduated.

Chapter support includes direct financial support to help the active brothers attend International Fraternity events such as the Regional and International Conventions.   The financial support helps offset things like transportation and lodging costs associated with attending various conferences hosted by the International Fraternity.  Alumni Association financial support to the active chapter helped the brothers maximize attendance at the Regional Conference in Atlanta, subsequently winning the ?Most Man Miles? award.  This support also helped to support an impressive attendance at the International Convention in Baltimore, where the chapter won another Chapter Excellence Award.

We are excited and energized by the achievements we have been able to make as an Alumni Association.  If you are a current paying member of the Alumni Association, we hope you will continue your membership this year.  If you haven?t yet made your $100 Annual donation, we hope you will consider doing so in the future.  The Alumni Association has 61 current active members financially supporting Alumni Association efforts.  This represents  8% of the estimated 756 alumni we have listed.  Our goal is to have at least 25% of our alumni base as part of the Alumni Association by the end of next year.

There are several ways you can contribute your Alumni Association donation.
You can mail a check to:
The Zeta Sigma Alumni Association
PO Box 61066
Palm Bay, FL 32906-1066

Or You can make singular donations or recurring donations through PayPal by sending payments to:

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