Lambda Mu-Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach

The First Chapter Meeting

After Brian Lucas petitioned the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity to start a new colony at Embry-Riddle, a group of international consultants traveled to the school to assess possible colony members and determine the feasibilty of a new colony being established. Duly satisfied with what they found, the consultants conviced Embry-Riddle to allow Pi Kappa Alpha to enter the Greek life on campus. The consultants then began to recruit men that up-held the caliber they sought after. The first colony meeting took place on October 6, 2003, in Student Activities room 107E. The consultants over saw this meeting and discussed leadership positions and details of each office. The following week, on October 16, 2003, the first of the founding fathers of the Lambda Mu Chapter were pinned into the colony and officers were appointed. It wasn’t until the third meeting on October 19, 2003, that the colony held its first independent meeting. The first interaction with another Greek organization took place on November 19, 2003, with the ladies of Theta Phi Alpha. This event would conclude the major happenings in the colony’s founding semester.

Establishing Bylaws and Installing Officers

The spring semester of 2004 was instrumental to the growth of the colony, eventually leading to the chartering of the Lambda Mu Chapter. Rush events took place Thursday, January 22, 2004, at Don Giovanni’s, and Friday at McKay Hall near the BBQ Pits with food, a DJ, football, and beach style volleyball. The colony meeting that followed on Sunday, January 25, 2004, put forth the By-Laws of the colony as well as the new officer installation which were as follows:

President– Peter Nortrup, Brian Holesto
Internal VP– Carlos Escobar
External VP– Brandon Coxton
Webmaster– Blake Tromanhouser
New Member Educator– Dennis Tennet Jr.
Member at Large– Matt Fisher
Community Service– Joey Friedman
Risk Awareness– Brian Walk
Campus Involvement– James Cirino
Public Relations– Jason Armstrong
Special Events– Dave Leisure
Athletics– Matt Salvino

With this new installation of officers and committee chairs, the Lambda Mu colony would take off and advance rapidly towards their ultimate goal. The next few weeks were spent fundraising during race week at the Daytona Speedway. Matt Salvino and Peter Vallely were both in charge of compiling and submitting an 85 page petition for the charter, as well as responsible for coordinating the ensuing follow-up inspection.  Sunday, February 8, 2004, the first colony Dream Girl was elected to be Amanda Gregory. In addition, a colony study evening set for Sunday nights from 21:00-23:00 was established.

Growing Campus Involvement

The fall semester of 2004 also brought about new men that would forever change the colony at Embry-Riddle. September 20th -25th was rush week and the members were trying now more than ever to recruit new men into their midst. After finding the best men on campus, the colony then decided to improve the image of PIKE with the University. That semester the Greek Spirit Award was established and presented to the Greek organization that showed the most school spirit during a sporting event. PIKE won that semester and vowed never to let that title go, assuring the administrators of Embry-Riddle that they will forever support the University.

The Beginning of the Chapter

The spring semester of 2005 was the most compelling and zealous semester for the men of the colony. From February 12th- 20th, these men devoted their time to making the fundraising and philanthropy goals they set for themselves. Upon completing these goals, they felt they had finally deserved the right to ask the International Headquarters to grant them a charter. That goal was accomplished on, April 22, 2005, when 69 men, who worked so diligently for two years, received their initiation into the brotherhood of Pi Kappa Alpha. Three other men were initiated later to bring the total number of founders to 72.

Alpha Class 69 men

Brian Lucas Trevor Garson Mike Papp
Craig Adams Andrew Geer Ronald Parncutt
Joe Anderson Robert Getz Loius Rios
Jason Armstrong Johann Gomez Deandre Robinson
Patrick Bass Tom Gurrera Ryan Rossi
Christopher Bean Melvis Hamilton Matthew Salvino
Kevin Beebe James Haviland Peder Sarsten
Ryan Briggs Graham Hays Jason Seltzer
Byron Caine Matthew Izzo Michael Serraphin
Ian Cilano Kevin Johnson Mark Smith
Chris Cole Benjamin Klamm Tyler Sorchik
Patrick Coleman Darryl Knight George Seiner
Matthew Collier Dave Leasure Matthew Tarnowski
Brian Coyle Brian Leathers Dennis Tennett
Ethan Croop Will Lowe Tyler Travis
Kevin Dougherty Fitzgerald Madu Justin Urban
Joseph Dringo Sean Mahoney Pete Valley
Timothy Drury Nate Monroe Aaron Vanson
Cesar Echeverri Joshua Moore Brian Walk
Travis Faudree Stephen Mulrine Bradford West
Jim Fay Victor Ngo Bryan White
Codie Finch Pete Nortrup Paul Zigler
Matthew Fisher James O’Nieal


With the Lambda Mu Chapter fully installed, Matt Fisher became the first Chapter President, leading the brothers toward recruiting new men. Since Chartering, the Lambda Mu chapter has pinned in twenty new member classes, Beta through Phi. Complete rosters of each class can be found on the Classes page.

During the Fall 2013 semester, Lambda Mu had the honor of special initiating  ERAU Director of Athletics and head basketball coach, Steve Ridder, into the Fraternity.  Steve was initiated as an alumnus member of Pi Kappa Alpha and he joins the ranks of over 250,000 alumni across the United States and the world.


Dream Girls of Pi Kappa Alpha

The Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha,
is the Dream Girl I’ll always adore…

Dream Girls hold a special place in the heart of every PIKE. Each Dream Girl is selected based on her dedication and commitment to the chapter’s success. The Lambda Mu Chapter has installed 9 Dream Girls during its time on campus. They are:

Amanda Orr
Jennifer Buzby
Erika van Trump
Nina Phanthanousy
Tess Doeffinger
Whitney Loubier
Alyssa Smith
Lucia Karnes
Megan Mark

The Future of Lambda Mu

Today, the Lambda Mu chapter continues to recruit high quality men who represent every letter of S.L.A.G.; Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentlemen. Lambda Mu works to improve every year in both its brotherhood and performance.

Interested in becoming a brother of Pi Kappa Alpha, Lambda Mu? Check out our Recruitment page for more details.

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