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    My earliest memory of Alpha Xi was walking past the chapter house, seeing the activity therein and hearing the laughter and singing, and thinking how great it would be to become part of that.  I pledged as a sophomore and began a life changing experience, learning brotherhood, leadership and social skills, the latter of which led to finding my lifetime mate, Anne Grieme.  I can’t imagine life without Pi Kappa Alpha.

    Robert Dorsey, Alpha Xi 1952

    I have deep indebtedness to PiKA.  Alpha Xi anchored an enormously rich undergraduate experience, enabled countless opportunities for personal growth and poured a lasting foundation of enduring friendships.  For me (and my 1963 Volkswagen), life in the Cox Mansion was home and launching pad into adulthood.

    Mark Serrianne, Alpha Xi 1967

    When I first was involved with Alpha Xi, I had no idea how important it would become in my growth and development as a person.  It was also surprising to me to see so many alumni around the house regularly – men that were in their 50s, 60s and 70s – not just recent grads.  Later I realized they were the people that set the tone for the legacy of what we know as Alpha Xi, a very different kind of organization.  It was important then to put in time and effort to make the chapter better every year, just like it is today.  Every one of us has been impacted in some way by the Alpha Xi experience and I, for one, think it is worth continuing in the future.  So now I am one of those old guys – trying to contribute to the future even though I do not live in the area.

    Nick Orphan, Alpha Xi 1965

    I’m reminded of a saying I was once told as I was making my decision about where to attend college:  If you want to go to school, get a degree. If you want to go to college, get involved.  That saying stuck with me throughout my collegiate years and is part of the reason I was able to ascend to leadership positions in several clubs and organizations on campus. The other main reason I was able to get so involved was because of scholarships like the ones offered by Alpha Xi. I received a scholarship every year I was an active brother. These generous monetary awards enabled me the privilege of not having to work a part time job, which allowed me to concentrate on my academics and the groups in which I was involved. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am today, had it not been for the scholarship assistance I received while at the University of Cincinnati. I would encourage all Alpha Xi Brothers, especially those that received scholarships along the way, to return the favor and help endow these scholarships by making a generous donation. To whom much is given, much more is required.

    Matt Yung, Alpha Xi 2004

    Pi Kappa Alpha at Cincinnati has had a major impact on my life.  From the friendships that I made to the leadership opportunities that presented themselves, I am a better person because of my experiences as a Pike.  That is why I give to CE&CF, so that the next generation can have the same impact on their lives.

    Bill Ogle, Alpha Xi 1986

    The scholarship provided to me by Alpha Xi was invaluable in allowing me to grow myself as a leader within the fraternity and on campus. It allowed me to focus on school and student organizational opportunities rather than worry about what part-time job I may need in order to pay the bills. It is critical that we continue to support our undergraduates with these resources so that they can continue to grow into the best scholars, leaders, athletes and gentlemen.

    Patrick Carr, Alpha Xi 2004

    As a recipient of an Alpha Xi Scholarship in my undergraduate years I can state without question the importance of such programs for our Active Chapter.  The ability to pass on these efforts is one of the true hallmarks of our Fraternity and a cornerstone of Alpha Xi’s ongoing success.  It is imperative that we continue to foster an environment of giving back to the institution that allowed us to grow, develop, and prosper.  We should all pay it forward.  Pay it forward Pike.

    Brad Sierer, Alpha Xi 2002

    When we think about what makes Alpha Xi so unique and impressive when compared to its PIKE chapter peers, we think about our alumni brothers and alumni organizations (CE&CF, SHA, and UC PIKES Housing Corp.).  It is no secret that strong alumni support is indicative of a strong active chapter.  As we look to continue to build the preeminent PIKE chapter in the collegiate world, we are charged, as alumni brothers, with the responsibility of ensuring the chapter’s longevity.  As an active member, receiving a scholarship is more than a relief of financial burden – it is a vehicle to reward high performing chapter leaders, it is a motivator that inspires young brothers to achieve their academic and extracurricular goals, and it is an accelerator of healthy chapter growth both on an individual and organizational level.  Because we believe so much in the value of higher education and the benefits that Pi Kappa Alpha provides its members, we have personally endowed an annual scholarship through CE&CF.  We urge you to join us in supporting CE&CF’s fundraising effort.  Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of our young brothers and will help Alpha Xi maintain its rightful place as the best Fraternity chapter on UC’s campus.

    Kyle Quinn, Alpha Xi 2009 and Jeff Quinn, Alpha Xi 2012

    The scholarship opportunities available at Alpha Xi were a tremendous factor in my decision making during the recruitment process.  More than the financial reward that could make membership affordable, the program exhibited the Chapter’s greater commitment to scholastic achievement.  I knew that surrounding myself with individuals who shared a common interest in education would prove to be the right Fraternity for me to pledge at UC.

    Mark Wood, Alpha Xi 2006

    As an undergraduate ΠKA helped me grow, mature, understand and focus on important life issues. We won a Smythe Award when I was an undergraduate and we had incredible talent and leadership throughout the Chapter. The culture of high achievement and excellence challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and become the best I could be. That has served me well over the years.

    I’m still surrounded and touched by ΠKAs today. My best friends are Pikes and the Actives I have worked with through UC Pikes Housing Corp and CE&CF have inspired me to continue investing my time and money in CE&CF.

    Bill Giesler, Alpha Xi 1968

    The Active chapter is nothing short of impressive to all who see their efforts. The depth and quality of the chapter is arguably better than ever before going all the way back to the founding. Our chapter is a pillar of the community and of the university setting the standard for Greek letter organizations and student affiliations in general. We are well represented by our Active chapter brothers throughout all areas of UC and we want nothing more than to keep that alive and growing. There are a couple things that are absolutely essential to accomplish this from the alumni perspective and those are generosity in the form of time and scholarship donations. If you have time, please get to the house whenever you can, help the alumnus brothers who are carrying the flag for us any way you can. If you don’t have time to spare, then send a check of any size. Either way you are helping to ensure the chapter stays strong and represents the best. These guys are making us look really good, let’s return the favor!

    Mark Stuhlreyer, Alpha Xi 1987

    What an opportunity it has been for me to be a part of Pi Kappa Alpha and especially Alpha Xi Chapter. The leadership opportunities and very special friendships I have formed have been and continue to be life long and very special in my life.

    The day that I pledged PiKA started me on a journey that I treasure and will always be thankful for, a true blessing in both my personal and professional life.

    Rich Dineen, Alpha Xi 1965

    Who have you become and where are you now? What has contributed to your success in life? Yes, we can all ask these questions of ourselves and come up with one similar pillar, Alpha Xi. But there comes a time as an alumnus that just showing up makes a difference to the future of our fraternity and it’s active members. It’s fun and rewarding too. I chose to show up, give back and pay it forward. And yes Alpha Xi is a big part of what has made us what we are today. As a brother, I ask you to do the same and build on what you have contributed to date. The success of our great fraternity depends on all of us.

    Barry Wanninger, Alpha Xi 1977

    Almost without exception, every young man who has chosen to commit himself to and take part in the brotherhood of Alpha Xi has had his life changed for the better in some way by the experience. As a recent graduate, my peers and I often talk about the impact that the fraternity had on our college careers, and about how much we miss being a part of something like PIKE. Truly something you don’t fully appreciate until it’s gone, I know I speak for my brothers as well in saying that I can’t imagine my life or my college experience without the impact of PIKE, and I am a better person because of the fraternity and particularly the chapter I was blessed to be a part of.

    To my fellow alumni who are considering a donation to CE&CF – as exceptional an experience as PIKE is, the value of something which adds another expense to an already strained budget can be unclear to a college freshman arriving on campus. Our scholarship program is something that is unique among PIKE chapters and can have a huge impact in easing the financial burden of joining a fraternity. I encourage and implore you to consider donating to a cause that’s given back to us all.

    Chris Nesbitt, Alpha Xi 2009