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2014 PIKE Mission Trip to El Salvador

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Brothers Nick Lamb, Michael Moore, Lewis Mergler, Robbie Noonan, Pat Dreier, Jack Johnson, Ranger Zhao, and Tanner Galberach participated in the 2014 PIKE Mission Trip to El Salvador, spending a week building a new home for a family living in poverty and exploring the scenic country as well. The group left on April 27 and returned last Sunday.

PIKE partnered with The Fuller Center for Housing and Gente Ayudando Gente (“People Helping People”) to collaborate on a service project in which 14 houses are being built in the neighborhood of Ahuachapan in El Salvador. PIKE began building the first house of the project, and successfully laid the foundation of the house and pieced together the outer walls. Throughout the week, brothers dug up the dirt ground, shoveled out a trench for the foundation, mixed cement to make concrete, formed rebar structures to reinforce the walls, laid stone bricks, and filled in the gaps with mortar.

They also got a chance to form new friendships with some of the local people, including families living nearby, team workers that partnered with the group to build the house, and different civilians met in various places throughout the week.

“It was cool to talk to them about the differences in American versus El Salvadorean cultures. We are all very similar people, but have completely different lifestyles,” said Lewis Mergler.

The group also had the chance to explore the scenic countryside, which included a volcano tour, visit to the marketplace, and a stay on the beach on the last day.

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