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April 2014 Spotlight – Kyle LaVine

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Kyle LaVine ’13

Year and Major: Third Year at the University of Cincinnati in the College of Allied Health Sciences as a Health Sciences major on the Pre-Medicine track

Extracurriculars: Student Government Co-Director of Spirit and Athletics, Treasurer of Student Activities Board, and a ROAR Tour Guide

Position in Pike: Campus Involvement Chairman

Why You Joined Pike: I joined Pike because I was looking for a brotherhood that would challenge me to become a better leader and a better man. I knew when I accepted my bid at Pi Kappa Alpha that I would develop into the man I wanted to be. While, I have the chance to develop myself, I also saw a group of men that I could have the time of my life with. Once I joined, being part of the Zeta pledge class reconfirmed that the  brotherhood at Pike is an everlasting friendship.

Greatest Pike Accomplishment: If there is one thing that I have found throughout the process is that no matter the position I hold or tasks I accomplish, its the road and relationships I make along the way that determine my success in Pike. So I believe that my greatest success so far is the relationships and memories I made. I will never forget last years Brotherhood retreat, formal, semi-formal, the list goes on and on. I am excited to continue this journey, I know that there is a lot of great times to come.

What You Love Most About UC: Oh geez, where can I start on what I love about UC. The University of Cincinnati is not just my university, but rather my home. UC is a big university with a small school feel. I love that every time I walk on campus I see someone that I know. I feel like in life we strive to find something bigger than ourself and make it an integral part of our life. I feel like ever since I have stepped on campus I have found that here at UC. The pride that is felt throughout the Bearcat nation is contagious and the future of the university makes me love it even more.
The University of Cincinnati is my home and my brothers are my family that live at UC with me.

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