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March 2014 Spotlight – Samson Lewis

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Samson is currently studying abroad in Singapore for his first co-op experience!

Samson Lewis (’12)

Year and Major: 2nd Year, Marketing and Finance

Extracurricular: LCB Student Action Team, Cats on Deck, Impact UC

Position: Risk Awareness Chair

Why Pike: Pike is an incredible group of brothers that share similar goals to myself and have come together to build something bigger than the just the individuals involved

Greatest Pike Accomplishment: Helping Bahvik Modi with the education of the 2013 fall pledge class was extremely fulfilling and it was amazing to know that I was helping to build the Pikes of the future

What You Love Most About UC: UC is an incredible campus with incredible people. It is impossible to walk across campus without seeing a brother or a friend amongst the crowd. I absolutely love where I am and what I am doing at UC and know that the rest of the student body feels the same way

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