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1st Annual Firefighter Challenge!

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The Mu Epsilon chapter is proud to announce it’s 1st annual Firefighter Challenge this May 1st-3rd! All proceeds will benefit Fullerton Fire Department’s charity and Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life Leukemia Research.

Each sorority on campus can obtain pre-kickoff points by doing one or more of the following:
1) Tank top purchases (minimum of 20 to count for points)
2) Textbook donations
3) Penny Wars the week prior to the challenge
4)  Facebook photo challenge – the most likes receive the most points
5) Personal donation to PIKE’s philantropy

Each category above has the opportunity of earning 200 points and the collection towards this value will end Saturday May 2, 2014 at 10PM:
1st place = 200 pts…2nd place = 175 pts…3rd place = 150 pts…4th place = 125 pts…5th place = 100 pts…6th place = 75 pts


May 1st, 6PM: UH Appreciation BBQ (Location: University House)
Cake decorating contest: sororities will be required to bake and present a cake for Fullerton Firefighters to taste and judge. Cakes must represent Firefighters, sororities, and PIKE in a creative manner. Sororities will prepare and plate their dish at a facility of their discretion, and will then bring their finished dish to the BBQ. There will be a maximum $25 budget per team for this event.

May 2nd, 12PM: Firefighter Field Games
Event1 – Deliver the Equipment; Event 2 – Put Out the PIKE; Event 3 – Team Ignition; Event 4 – Fill the Tank; Event 5 – Water Line; Event 6 – Firefighter Crawl; Event 7 – Firefighter Finish

May 3rd, 12PM: Firefighter Dodgeball Tournament (Location: Student Recreation Center – SRC)
Double-elimination dodgeball tournament beginning at 1PM. Each team will be judged on the creativity and ability to represent their Sorority and PIKE in a tasteful, positive and appropriate manner.  Costumes can be any color, style, brand, and size but must be worn be every member of the Dodgeball Team and during the Dodgeball Tournament to receive points.

Extra Points Opportunities:

    • Up to 60 extra points can be earned. Points awarded for each day Firefighter Appreciation Banner is displayed outside sorority house starting on Thursday, May 1, and ending on Saturday, May 3 & by presenting Banner to Pike at the Dodgeball Tournament.
    • 10 points for each sorority for each day (maximum of 20 points, i.e. Friday -“ Saturday)
    •  40 points for presenting Banner to Pike at the Dodgeball Tournament.
    • Points awarded by finding 2 specific seniors of Pi Kappa Alpha. Starting at 7:30pm on Friday May 1 until 1pm on May 3rd, (each team has the time to find 2 seniors that are carrying their specific Sorority stuffed animal/object/etc.) Each Sorority will be provided with an excel sheet at the Obstacle Course with the seniors names, phone numbers and addresses.  Each stuffed animal/object will be worth 25 extra points to the Sorority.  Only 2 stuffed animals/objects may be rescued for a maximum of 50 points. When the Sorority greets one of the seniors, they will ask “Do you have the ______(Sorority Stuffed Animal/Object).”   The senior will show their animal/object and reply with a “yes” or “no.”
    • **NEW OPPORTUNITY**Post a picture wearing your firefighter tank, tag @FULLERTONPIKE in your picture, and hashtag #FULLERTONPIKE #PFC #YOURSORORITY. Every selfie gets +5 points towards the Firefighter Challenge.


Winners will receive:

– Title as 2014 Pike Firefighters Challenge Champions!
– Authentic and signed Firefighters  Trophy for Sorority House
– PFC Trophy that moves every year to newly crowned champions Sorority House
– Homemade Dinner and Dessert at Winning Sorority House
– Framed picture with the Winning Sorority and Coaches


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