Delta Beta-Bowling Green State University

Pi Kappa Alpha is always looking for potential new members that incorporate the Pi Kappa Alpha standards into their everyday lives. We base our values off of the slogan “SLAG”. This acronym represents four characteristics that every Pike upholds; Scholar, Leader, Athlete, and Gentleman. Pi Kappa Alpha is a top tier fraternity at Bowling Green State University in regards to grades, athletics, social preference, and philanthropic hours. Pike has won the all sports cup for the past three years and is looking to go for a 4-peat. The Delta Beta chapter also sent 17 members to the Pike Leadership Summit in Chicago where they learned leadership and management skills along with historical background about Pi Kappa Alpha. The Delta Beta chapter is also the largest fraternity on campus. Pi Kappa Alpha at Bowling Green State along with Pi Kappa Alpha chapters across the nation has a very active alumni, leaving Pikes with many opportunities worldwide after graduation. If you’re looking for the brotherhood and bond of a lifetime, then you’ve found the right fraternity.